Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jenelle's Latest Nude Photo

Oh Jenelle. I wasn't sure if I even wanted to write about this but there is so much to be said. 
I have always rooted for Jenelle. I've said time and time again that "everyone makes mistakes" and that she is a good person at heart. Maybe she just needed to hit rock bottom before she could turn things around. Sadly Jenelle continues to make the wrong decisions over and over again. Letting people in and out and back into her life that are no good for her, whether it be friends or boyfriends. 

She has been in a twitter war with her ex-boss/lover/friend/whatever James Duffy for quite some time now. He is always threatening Jenelle with nude photos of her that he will sell or release. Kieffer beat him to it when he sold her nude before and after surgery shots just a matter of months ago... but that didn't stop James from posting yet another 3 nude photos of her. This time she was laying on a bench (outside) completely naked and posing for the camera.

Jenelle hasn't said much about the photo or when or why it was taken... but apparently she knows who had the photo and how it came into the hands of James. The photos are clearly of her before her breast augmentation so it is not a very recent photo. It does look to be taken within the last year or two. Which begs the question... why on Earth do people on television take these photos? yeah yeah some people take them in the privacy of their home for their significant other but... when you are in the public eye, you can't do these things. They will get out, they always do. 

I think this is also a lesson for young girls. This sort of activity is not for teens to engage in. IF you are the kind of person that likes to take nude photos of yourself, you might want to wait until you are older, married, an adult and make sure that you aren't a reality TV star...

When the photo was posted Jenelle tweeted: "leave me the f**k alone. PLEASE. I hope you die. I'm so upset. I tried to stay strong... What's really sad is I have no one here to support me. I'm laying on Jace's bed wishing he was here. Crying. Bye." 


  1. you pay for stupid

  2. It is true u pay for stupid but u also pay in the end for being evil. Jenelle doesn't deserve all of this. No one deserves ass holes putting up naked pictures of her yes she might have posed for them but honestly what teen girl hasn't had a guy u wanted to do that for. We are all human and judging her is wrong, everyone will be judged in their own time by the only one that matters. So be careful how u live your life.

    1. No. Not all girls do this. And we would all feel more for her, if she didn't continue this behavior repeatedly. Not only that, but she knows her relationships with all these men are shaky, yet she trusts them not to sell her out. She needs a clue. And so do you if you think Jenelle isn't equally guilty in being evil towards others.

    2. These sound like the words of a very immature person.

    3. These pictures are OBVIOUSLY pretty old jsut like Jamie said. Her hair is blonde and she dosen't have her back tats. granted there was the picture with Keifer with her nude but that didn't really show anything.

  3. Jenelle does need to shoulder some of the responcibility here... She keeps making the same mistakes, and continues to put herself at risk.

    Moreover, it is kind of sick that she feels lonely/hurt, SO SHE WANTS JACE TO COMFORT HER.

    There is a twitter war, where, if memory serves me, she makes threats - but then she wants to have her son in her home?

    That just doesn't seem like a safe judgement call - and I don't think at any point that she was thinking of Jace's best interests, she was only thinking about herself and what she wanted.

    Jenelle has some huge issues that Jace is better off not being victim to. I wish Jenelle all the best, but she can not even handle her own life. She certainly should not be responcible for a child's life as well.

  4. i honestly im an adult my husbands an adult sometimes you have the urge to have a little funn keep the spiciness and its funn but some guy putting them on the internet now thats really freakin stupid i feel sooo bad for her :)

  5. If she doesn't want them posted somewhere on the web then you would think she would have learned by now to keep her clothes on! Can't keep feeling sorry for her when she keeps repeating dumb behavior! She cries and carries on but never learns from her mistakes. Then expects her child to make it better. The bitter reality is Janelle doesn't want to change! She gives lip service and that is the extent of it. Unfortunately she will be in the category of those that never grow up just grow old.

  6. You're a fucking slut Jenelle!1 Go fuck off and let Jace stay with your mom who actually cares!!!