Monday, September 10, 2012

Aubree's 3rd Birthday Celebration!

Chelsea Houska's daughter recently turned 3 years old can you believe it!? So of course this required a huge Birthday blow out, princess style! This included a gorgeous 3 tiered Birthday cake (which rivals some wedding cakes!) and a giant castle bouncy house/slide! 

I think it's safe to say that I am completely jealous of a 3 year old. 

I spot a Teen Mom camera of course filming the event, the cast has wrapped season 3 including the reunion and are still filming season 4 of Teen Mom 2. So it's going to be a long time before we see this party on our television screens. Hopefully pictures can hold you over: 


  1. Good to see them putting those MTV paychecks to good use instead of using it to stuff their bodies full of drugs and silicone.

  2. Hahaha I know right! (and by 'good use' I hope you totally mean wasting it on lavish $300 cakes that will go stale before it's able to eaten and that the babies won't remember!)

    I can hear the conversation ten or so years from now - "Sorry kids mommy can't buy you ______(latest must-have digital device, a mini horse etc.)because I blew all the money on fake nails, hair extensions, boobs and birthday parties when you were 1. Oh and this year your cake will have one layer."

    Although, sadly it will probably go more like this, "sorry kid, I know mommy totally let you suck on a pacifier until you were 8 and now you have obnoxiously bucked teeth, but the MTV money train has left and I can't afford those braces for you. If only I had locked my money in a savings account..."

    Cue MTV spin offs - "Teen Mom - Money Management Special" and "Teen Mom - Financial Boot Camp"

  3. well really they can do what ever they want with the money its not like she didnt go out and get a job if u watched the show u would know she did lol its there life i think its cool that the money she is getting went for something for they child

  4. Who cares what she does with her money? Birthdays are big deals for kids Aubree's age. I try to do something special for my son's birthday every year too. I think it's fine. She's spending the money on her CHILD. Not going out and doing stupid stuff like getting fake boobs *cough* Jenelle, doing drugs, drinking excessively...etc.

  5. Id do it for my kids.. at least shes not putting it towards herself. Its called wanting the best for your kids.