Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ebony Rendon Gives Birth to a Baby Girl!

16 & Pregnant Season 1 Ebony Rendon (Jackson) recently gave birth to another baby girl. Most people remember her as the girl who was arrested and had her first daughter taken by CPS. The back story is Ebony and husband had a miscarriage with their second pregnancy which led into Ebony to a debilitating depression. During that time Ebony let the house go to the point that CPS deemed her home unlivable and arrested both her and Josh. 

Since then Ebony has attended rehab for her depression and the couple have taken parenting classes. Their home is clean once again and they have custody of their first daughter back. Now on to their most recent bundle of joy! Born on October 16th, her name is Jayda Jewell Rendon! 


  1. bi racial couple. one baby looks all black one looks all white.....da fuck???

  2. ^^^ all babies, no matter what ethnicity, come out white as pigment in the skin does not get color until they are out of the womb. Don't worry, just like I tell all my white friends with bi-racial babies with hopes their newborn will stay "white" - "Don't worry, they'll darken up in no time!"

    Their first baby, if you recall her newborn pics or google them, you'll see how "white" she was, too!