Sunday, October 28, 2012

Leah's Season 3 Preview (VIDEO)

Here is Leah's preview for Teen Mom 2 Season 3 :) 

It shows Corey talking to Leah about getting back together and wanting his family back and Leah struggling with the choice between him and her new love Jeremy. 


  1. I have always wished corey and leah would get back together they had that once in a life time true love for each other it makes me sad to think they will be without each other for the rest of there lives... :(

    1. How do you know they had that "once in a lifetime true love"? Are you friends with them or talk with them about their personal lives? Remember that what we see on TV is very carefully cut and pasted together and often taken out of context to make us believe what the director wants us to believe. Or worse, what we see in photos are only a moment of time and are misread easily. And on top of that, true love can change, just like life changes every day. I think when people realize that love is not a fairy tale promise or a magical spell to fall under, they start to discover the value of love while they have it.

  2. Yeah once in a life time true love, that's why she cheated on him twice

  3. I don't think Leah ever loved Corey, if it wasnt for the fact she got pregnant a month after meeting him they would never have been together, certainly wouldn't have gotten married. Living someone because they are the father of your children and being in love with someone are very very different things and I think they were both a bit too young to realize the difference.

  4. Could someone tell me what Leah said to Kayla on the porch?

  5. "I loved him and you know I did" is what she said.

  6. I like these two, but not together. I think they are both pretty responsable for teen parents, and I love watching them interact with the girls because they obviously adore them! But I think they are better divorced. Didnt they meet having a one night stand?