Saturday, October 20, 2012

Teen Mom 2 Returns in November!

MTV has finally announced the return of Teen Mom 2! It looks like "Teen Mom Tuesdays" are no more, because they've switched to Mondays! Understandably, if it was going to continue to be on Tuesdays we would have to wait for the first season of Underemployed to end since it's in that time slot. I don't think fans could make it that long so I'm pleased to announce that Teen Mom 2 will return on November 12th at 10pm on MTV! 

Now if you want some spoilers for Season 3 keep reading because I'm about to give you a little sneak peek of all the drama that is to come this season with each girl!

This season on Teen Mom 2:
Fresh out of her divorce to Corey Simms Leah finds love again with a guy named Jeremy. Their relationship moves fast and the two become engaged... and pregnant. Sadly Leah's pregnancy with Jeremy ends in a miscarriage which is sure to be one of the most emotional moments of her story this season.
Chelsea not surprisingly forgives Adam once again when he buys her a promise ring. She lets him move back into her house but when Randalicious finds out he finally puts his foot down and kicks Adam out! (This will probably be my favorite TM2 moment this year.) 
Jenelle of course continues her partying ways and getting into trouble with Kieffer. We will briefly see her old boyfriend Josh that no one really remembers because he was one of those "in between" guys that she wasn't with for long. Then Jenelle starts to question whether or not Andrew is the father of Jace after all and considers getting a paternity test. 
Kailyn sets off in search of her long lost half sister in Texas, meanwhile her mother starts some trouble when she tries to see Isaac behind Kailyn's back. Later she meets Javi who asks her on a date. She has been with ever since. 

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