Monday, December 17, 2012

Chelsea Houska's California Adventure!

Chelsea had a blast in California for the weekend. She had a busy schedule for sure so I'll do my best to piece together her trip for everyone! 

Chelsea headed off to LA with her father, Aubree and friend Landon Thursday Dec. 13th. They immediately hit a playground so Aubree could have some fun in the sun! Then she had an interview with Jessica King at AfterBuzz TV. (Video posted below.) 

Friday She and Aubree participated in a NOH8 photo-shoot! Fellow cast mates Maci, Kailyn, and Catelynn have all done photo-shoots for the campaign as well! Is nice to see Chelsea finally doing one! Here are a couple behind the scenes pictures: 

Of course there always needs to be Sushi in Chelsea's life so she ate at the amazing Sushi Rocku Restaurant on Saturday!  Which makes me incredibly jealous. This love for sushi and Japanese food we have in common.

Then in a random twist of events on Sunday Chelsea tweets a couple photos of herself with comedian Kathy Griffin! I'm not sure how that happened but "team Griffin" stole Chelsea for the night and somehow ended up at a strip club! 

I think we can safely say that this was a successful trip to California. 

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