Friday, December 21, 2012

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

Teen mom 2 Season 3 Episode 6 Recap
"A Leap Of Faith"

Meet Josh, the new guy in Jenelle's life. I almost forgot all about him because their dating didn't last very long. He seems nice, but of course has the same kind of background and extra curricular activities that Jenelle needs to stay away from. He says he wont bring weed around her and she agrees that's a good idea. Jenelle stops taking her medication for bi-polar disorder and ends up having a bad day again and decides to not take Jace for the day. She explains to Josh that that is what happens with bi-polar people, they're happy one day and then depressed the next. He gives her some wise words, telling her to focus on Jace, the most important person in her life.

Chelsea is having a hard time with life, especially Adam. Her friend brings up therapy and to Chelsea's surprise everyone in her life agrees that she needs to try it. She soon realizes that her relationships are very unhealthy and that maybe she does need some help letting go. Chelsea swears that Adam isn't the only thing that makes her depressed but in her first visit with the therapist he is who they talk about. She learns about boundaries and should really set some with Adam so they don't continue to be so back and forth.

After crying to Jo about Jordan ditching her for another girl she decides she needs to move on. She calls up Jordan and tells him that it's not working out. He nicely agrees and after an awkward conversation hangs up seeming perfectly fine with it. Kail goes to dinner with Jo and Isaac and learns that Jo has made Vee is girlfriend. The thought of never getting back together with Jo is too much for her to handle so she leaves. 

Jeremy and Leah make it official and he meets the twins for the first time in this episode. The scene feels so staged as do many with these two I've noticed. Jeremy fits right in with them though and has no problem with Leah being a mommy. Since things are getting serious with Jeremy, Leah wants to make sure that she is the one to tell Corey about the new relationship so he doesn't hear it elsewhere. He seems to take the news well enough. 


  1. I really thought josh was good for jenelle but I guess somethings are too good to be true .she always ends up with someone that seems good but has the same kind of past as her and she was really getting a great relationship with jace she needs to be onher medcine as someone who knows about manic depressive it is not good to be off your medcine or it will cause your moods to go up and down.

  2. jenelle is not a bad person just because she has some problems her problem is she hasn't had the best guidance from her parents on how for her to be a good mom and maybe this is why she has made terrible choices kailyn the same I think it is great she split with Jordan he is way too immature wish her and Jo would of worked things out and leah I think she iscgoing to be fine she has a great husband and they will have a awesome family they both of plenty of support. chelsea is going to find her way too she just needs to get over Adam and realize there are real men out there.