Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Episode 5 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Episode 5
"Home for Christmas" 


Leah spends over $500 on the girls Christmas gifts using lay away. Momma Dawn puts things into perspective when she points out that you can't get too excited for toddlers to open presents, they don't cooperate! The girls birthday is close to Christmas so they of course get an adorable 1st Birthday party. Corey stuffs his face with cake while Leah is sentimental about their family being together.Corey is funny in the episode and also wraps one of the girls presents with duct tape but agrees to be Santa for Christmas day. The girls were super cute opening their gifts and Ali was lucky enough to get daddy's duct tape gift. The girls didn't react to the whole Santa Clause thing very well but it all worked out!


Adam actually gets a great job and seems to be in a better mood this episode. All Chelsea wants for Christmas is for everyone to get along! Chelsea is really upset that Adam and her dad don't get along and its funny that Adam's family views Chelsea the same way that Randy views Adam. The two cut down their Christmas tree together and it was very obvious how much fun Chelsea had. Adam gets to spend some of Christmas at Chelsea's mom's house but he isn't allowed to the cabin with Randy's family. They actually seem to have a great Christmas and get along. Aubree feeds her baby some milk and has a ton of fun!


Jenelle is missing Kieffer and wants to bail him out. Her stepdad advises her not to and to focus on Jace for Christmas. Jenelle got her mom a pair of Ugg Boots and Barbara got Jenelle a beautiful bracelet. Even though they had a pretty good day till Jenelle started freaking out on Barbara about Jace going to daycare and her not getting enough time with him. Jenelle wants to bail Kieffer out but has a hard time finding a friend willing to help her bail him out. I'm not surprised and happy that her friends finally aren't just going along with it and see that he needs to stay in jail.


Kailyn is ready for her first Christmas with Isaac in thier new place. She is a little bummed that Jo will have Isaac Christmas Eve but she gets him Christmas Day! Jordan is so funny and makes Kailyn laugh, which I'm starting to think is a hard thing to do! They open presents from each other on Christmas Eve and agree they will probably be together next year. Kailyn also really wants to work on her relationship with Jo's mother. She helped them out a lot and now things are weird because Kailyn started dating Jordan and was basically kicked out. She writes her a letter in a Christmas card and gives it to her. She says she appreciates it but still doesn't look too thrilled. Jo and Kailyn are getting along so well, and Jordan got Isaac his first pair of obnoxious sneakers! <3

Next week: Double the Teen Mom 2 Excitement with BACK TO BACK episodes! I assume this is due to some scheduling error on MTV's part. haha. I'll probably just do a double recap that night. Fun Fun Fun.

Who is Dating Who?

Update on the cast's love connections:

Jenelle is dating Gary Head, a marine! Quite a step up from Kieffer.

Kailyn is dating this guy: Javi Marroquin

Here is Corey with his new girlfriend: Summer Tavarez

Farrah and business man boyfriend Marcel Kaminstein called it quits recently. From what I gather it was a mutual agreement and there are no hard feelings. (well he wishes her the best anyway)

Couples going strong: 
 Ryan and Dalis and Maci and Kyle are all still together and doing great!

 Cate and Ty are of course doing great and have even set a wedding date! Leah and Jeremy are living together and doing great. Leah even refers to him as the love of her life.