Monday, January 9, 2012

Maci Gets Kicked Out of a Hotel!

Maci Bookout had a blow up fight with boyfriend Kyle King at a Hotel in California on Saturday that resulted in them being thrown out! According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup Maci, Kyle and some friends were in Cali on vacation and also to film some Teen Mom related "stuff."

The couple apparently had dinner and a few drinks at McCormick & Schmick’s restaurant (Btw: Maci is not 21 yet.) and the couple got into a big fight back at their hotel afterwards. (The fight had allegedly gotten physical but I'm not sure how much I believe that.) Security asked them to leave when other hotel guests complained.

Here is what  the security guard  had to say:
“They were drinking a lot the day before. But Saturday night we received a bunch of noise complaints and the last time we heard Maci and her boyfriend arguing. He called her white trash and a whore. The door was propped open and we entered. He had his hands on her arms. I told them to get out and that was pretty much it.”

According to the Ashley's article "He also said that several guests reported that it sounded like there was a physical fight going on in the room. Maci and her friends left the hotel soon after and did not cause a scene."

Apparently after all of this the crew continued partying in Los Angeles, but have gone home while Maci and Kyle stay to continue filming their "Teen Mom Stuff."

This tweet was also pointed out and makes you wonder if the couple isn't as perfect as we all were lead to believe: 
“NEVER make permanent decisions on temporary feelings.”

Kyle's response to this new story: 

My interpretation of this? They probably did get asked to leave and want to act like they left because the hotel people were evil. The photo of them having a little too much fun in the hallway tells me they were probably making a lot of noise whether there was fighting or not. A guest could have heard noise through a wall and thought maybe there was a fight. Who knows. I don't think anyone involved is telling the whole truth.

Teen Moms Love Animal Print

Jersey is taking over the world. My animal print awareness started with the shows Real Housewives of New Jersey and Jerseylicious. I figured it was just a Jersey thing... but no! The Teen Moms also love Leopard and Zebra EVERYTHING. I pointed this out to a fashionista friend of mine who then told me that animal print was in. I'm not gonna lie... I have a leopard print throw blanket on my couch right now and I may or may not have a few leopard print garments in my closet at the moment...

Anywho! Lets take a look at some of the Teen Moms in all their animal print glory!

Maci and Leah:
Chelsea things: 


Jenelle in some Leopard print stockings:

 There are many many more examples, especially of the Teen Mom 2 girls. But NO ONE will ever beat my favorite Reality TV, Leopard wearing, Jersey Girl.... Olivia Sharpe: