Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Episodes 6 & 7 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Episode 6
"Lean On Me" 


Planning Isaac's first birthday party is stressful on a budget and Jo is reluctant to let Kailyn have him for the day but agrees to let her take him for a few hours. Kail's family shows up and she is lucky enough to have other little kids at her son's party for him to play with. She waited till the last minute to decorate and make a cake or cupcakes but she scrambles to get it all done before picking up Isaac from Jo. When she does go to pick up Isaac she is surprised to see that Jo was not there. Jo had been complaining about not seeing Isaac enough and didn't want her to take him but then was out while Isaac stayed at his parents house. Janet and Kailyn have a little talk but nothing really seems to get resolved.


Ali is about to have her first physical therapy appointment and geneticist appointment so Leah takes off a few days of work.  She brings home a kitten. Corey is less then thrilled. Cats cost money and can be annoying but he agrees to keep it. The physical therapist tells Leah that she thinks that Ali will be able to walk one day, and suggests putting little braces on her ankles to stabilize her and help her work out those weaknesses. The Geneticist thinks that Ali may have a disorder called Campomelic Dysplasia.
so she took some blood work and told them they had to wait 4 weeks for the results. Obviously they were left confused. Corey gets upset while Leah and her mom are talking about what the disorder could mean for Ali and ends their conversation. It's a heartbreaking moment.


 The owners of the house that Chelsea has been renting decide they want to sell it so Chelsea needs to move. While telling her dad about this she also announces that she will be going blonde. Chelsea asks Megan to come over and watch Aubree so she can go get her hair did. This whole going blonde thing seems to be a big deal for Chelsea... While hanging out afterwards Megan tells her that she is pregnant. Chelsea scares the crap out of Megan by warning her of all the negative things about pregnancy and being a young mother. Later on we finally see Adam and he tells Chelsea that he likes her brunette better but the blond is okay. Adam acts like a douche when Chelsea tells him about Megan being pregnant.


Looks like Kieffer is out of jail and he wants to hang out. Jenelle is honest with her mom about it this time and tells her that she is going to meet up with him. Barbara handled it well and didn't freak out. I'm not sure that I would have had that same reaction. Kieffer seems a little upset that Jenelle pressed charges on him and blames it all on his childhood. ::Insert Eye Roll Here:: They agree that they need to not yell at each other and talk things out. Jenelle meets with her court appointed lawyer and finds out that the charges against her could make her lose her financial aid and she faces up to 260 days in Jail. Most likely he thinks she will get probation She looks devastated when he tells her she needs to stay drug free during probation. Barbara is supportive of Jenelle and helps her get ready for court. Jenelle is more worried about Kieffer than herself. Then the episodes ends with their court date being canceled. Anti-climactic.

Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Episode 7
"Breaking Point"


Jenelle's car broke down so she got a new one and its super cute. Unfortunately Barbara caved and is allowing Kieffer in the house again. Jenelle had started talking to her ex-boyfriend and Kieffer is upset about it. Jenelle has been getting along with her mom more which is good news. Kieffer wont talk to her though and she is trying to not smoke weed so she gets really depressed. Unfortunately it interferes with her taking care of her son. When you are a mom you can't just lay in bed and cry no matter how upset you are. Doesn't work that way anymore. After crying all day Kieffer comes to her house just to break up with her. He gets in his friends car to leave and Jenelle chases down the car screaming and begging for him to talk to her. She got her hand slammed in the car door by accident and when Kieffer says its over she sits in her car and cries.


The episode starts with kailyn explaining that she got into a car accident and her car was totaled. Luckily no one was hurt. She stresses over the cost of towing and talks about the fact that she doesn't get financial help from anyone. She also decides to look for another used car. She struggles to find a junk yard that will pick up her car and pay her a decent amount for it. She breaks down into tears while calling around to these places. She manages to sell her car and buy another used car. She is very stressed for cash so she files for child support. She calls Jo after doing so and leaves him a snippy voice mail letting him know.


Adam has been working full time so they haven't been hanging out as much. Chelsea moves forward with her plans of finding a new place. She wants a town home and she also wants to be paying some of the rent. Her father says the budget is $700 a month. I wish I could find a town house for that cheap! She finds one online that sounds awesome for so cheap that she wants to go see but she acts like a little kid and doesn't want to call the place. She does though and the town house is amazing. I'm kind of insanely jealous because I pay more money for a small 2 bed. apartment and I don't get a washer and dryer either! Not fair. Adam pulled through and showed up for moving day but was less then helpful. Randy left after that because he does not want to be around Adam. I don't blame him.


Leah and Corey are getting the results of Ali's blood work and are really nervous because of how worried the geneticist was. Before they find out they explain what has been going on to Corey's parents. They talk about how they are able to deal with everything because they have each other and they love their family. Leah's mom discovers that Ali can stay standing up as long as she has the coffee table as support. This is huge for Ali! Corey smiles for the first time in a while when he see it! Leah gets a phone call from the doctor saying that she doesn't have the disorder they though she had. Thank Goodness! You can see the relief on Leah's face. Her parts of the show always make me cry!

Next Week:
"Making Moves"
Jenelle stays with a friend after fighting with her mom, and Kieffer is back in the picture. Jo confronts Kailyn about child support. Chelsea and Adam have relationship troubles. Leah remains concerned over Ali's health.

Amber's Letter from Jail

Amber recently wrote a letter from jail to her brother Shawn. The letter was given to the media to show everyone that Amber is learning and that being in jail has been a serious wake up call for her. Unfortunately certain entertainment news reporters like TMZ can't be trusted and twisted the story into something completely different. I'm going to set the record straight.

Here is what Amber wrote to her brother:

"My hand writing's f*cked because the pens they give us bend so we can't stab anyone w/them lol wow! I miss seeing my family, I don't think I'll ever take this sh*t for granted! I'm really scared I'm going to prison. I don't know what to do, all I think about is Leah and how she needs a role model and if I get out I can really show her what a good mother is! I don't want people thinking I'm this crazy b*tch. I am a good person and I pray that I can change my life!"

Amber goes on talking about how ridiculous it is that they view her as an endangerment to society. "I wouldn't hurt anyone!"

Amber spent the holidays in jail and is waiting for her court date later this month to determine whether or not she will remain in jail. She could face up to 2 years. There has been talk of her possibly getting house arrest. I for one think this is a much better choice. She will have to live with family who can monitor her. This way hopefully she will be able to see Leah and improve her life without being locked up.

Shawn recently wrote on Amber's Facebook Fan Page: "I got a letter from Amber today. She said that she is doing well considering the situation. She said nothing in it about being on suicide watch and says that this was a huge wake-up call for her. She is ready to move forward with her life."