Saturday, January 14, 2012

Adam Lind A Danger to the Neighborhood!

Adam Lind is known for being a jackass most of the time as Chelsea's on again off again boyfriend. 
Turns out the people of Sioux falls, SD don't think much of him either. Where is he now? Still partying constantly and speeding around on his motorcycle, reaping havoc on his neighborhood.

Adam and his friends dangerously ride motorcycles at high speeds in the community and act like reckless teenagers. A member of the town informs me that Adam almost caused her to crash her car when he and his friends sped by on their motorcycles: 

"Him and 2 other guys were showing off on their crotch rockets going probably at least 90 in a 40mph zone and cut me off right before a red light. Then flipped me off. "

"He considers himself a local celebrity and abuses it. I feel bad for Chelsea having to deal with him on a daily basis. And the girl on the back of his bike was definitely not her."

This incident took place in a residential area on a gorgeous day while many families with children were playing outside. Being a father himself you would think that he would be more cautious.