Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Episode 8 Recap

 Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Episode 8
"Making Moves"


Corey considers becoming a coal miner because it pays well and has good insurance. Ali tries her new splints that will help her learn to stand and walk. An unexpected letter comes in the mail from the geneticist. She may have an unspecified form of a skeletal dysplasia. The doctor explains that there really is no way to tell for sure until Ali gets older. Even though Leah is confused Corey tells her to look to the future, they have plans for a good year.


Kail is stressing over child support and Jo's bad reaction to her filing. Jo talks about how hard his life is living at his parents house and paying for his "music career" and talks about Kail and how she is "living off the gov." I'm sorry but at least she takes care of herself and their son. Kail finds out that Jo will owe $470 a month for child support. Which he is not happy about. They decide to sit down and talk about things. Jo says he is thinking of appealing the order and getting the amount brought down.


Chelsea moved into her new place and went looking for a job, She found one at a Tanning Salon. Adam is MIA for a minute but shows back up to hear the good news about her job. Then he starts to be really mean to her and call her stupid and turn back into that old Adam we all know. Chelsea starts to realize that she can't force Adam to love her.


Jenelle is struggling with the stresses of grown up life and breaks down and goes to smoke weed because her mother threw too much truth at her. She pointed out that she didn't chose to have a baby at 57 and that Jenelle chose to have a child and put all the responsibility on her mother. This was too much for her so she decided to smoke weed even though she is going to court soon. Jenelle decides to move in with her friend Tori. After moving she gets a message from Kieffer crawling back to her. She of course decides to talk to him.

Next week:
Jo fights to not pay child support. Leah wants to buy a moblie home, Chelsea and Adam break up. Jenelle fights with Tori,

Jenelle Arrested ... Again

This craziness between Jenelle and her ex-roommate Hannah just wont seem to end. According to Starcasm.net: "Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is behind bars again, this time for violating a domestic violence protective order according to a news release from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department. The arrest occurred Monday night at around 7:15 and she will be spending the night in jail"

Jenelle’s manager, Leo Daniels says Hannah Inman claims Jenelle broke a protective order by attempting to harass her via phone, internet or other means. He also says that because it is a “BOGUS repeat” offense they have to keep Jenelle overnight.