Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Episode 9 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Episode 9
"The Beginning of the End"


Jo appeals Kail's request for child support. Jo says that he can't afford the full child support, that Kail isn't trying hard enough and that he has supported Kail and Isaac in the past. Kail speaks to a lawyer to prepare herself for court. Not a lot happens with Kail in this episode. I really thought they would show the court in this episode but it didn't happen.


Jenelle's mom wants Jenelle to start paying child support, but Jenelle is more focused on the fact that Kieffer is talking to other girls. She ends up only having to pay $30 a week and actually wants to do it to show her responsibility. Kieffer starts texting someone that Jenelle thinks is a girl so she freaks out and speeds off with the intentions of dropping Kieffer off in the middle of no where. She stops and lets him out though.Turns out he was talking to his ex girlfriend, which is interesting because he broke up with her for talking to her ex. Jenelle gives Tori atittude because she is upset about Kieffer and tells Tori she is moving out. From there on all hell breaks loose. Tori screams at Jenelle to get her stuff and get out while Jenelle stands there "looking" for her clothes and whatnot. Tori finally looses it and grabs Jenelle by her hair and they go at it. There is a moment where Tori almost starts hitting Jenelle with the random drum sticks she is holding, but she doesn't. The two wrestle each other to the ground and Tori's boyfriend (?) and Kieffer simultaneously go to break them up and for some reason that I'm not quite sure of they start fighting too. It only lasts a minute and they all get up and go their separate ways.


Leah and Corey look at some land to put a new mobile home on. They both seem excited for the moment. They will be closer to Ali's doctors and in a new place that isn't falling apart. That quickly changes when Corey tells Leah he has decided to buy a new truck instead of a new home. He needs a truck because his is falling apart and bad on gas. His explanation is that they can stay there and save money then move when he gets his new job. Leah gets really upset because to her there are more reasons to get a new house then a new truck. 
I feel so bad for Leah because they showed how she had to give the girls baths, in a tub in the basement that didn't even work properly. Corey and Leah go without talking for a while. Leah tells Corey that she is getting a new home and that he can come if he wants. He says he isn't going.


Chels hasn't studied for her GED and is starting work soon, but she can't focus on any of it because Adam called and broke up with her. Chelsea talks to everyone about her and Adam breaking up. Pretty much same old same old. Chelsea was just trying to force something that wasn't there. She starts work at the tanning salon and begins training. She has a good day at work but can't get Adam off her mind.

Next Week:
"Love Comes and Goes"
Jenelle is sentenced to probation, Corey finds out Leah cheated on him two weeks before their wedding (omg!), Kail's child support hearing is postponed, and Chelsea tries to get over Adam.