Sunday, January 29, 2012

MTV Please Care About Car Seat Safety

I stumbled upon a facebook page regarding the lack of car seat safety captured on the Teen Mom shows. While focusing on the drama of relationships and finances most people don't notice the safety hazards that are broadcasted for the world to see.
I have been on the "mommy pages" of facebook and have seen a lot of concerned women commenting on the car seat safety of pretty much every child of Teen Mom. This page: Dear MTV Care About Car Seats was created in hopes of convincing MTV to do the following things:


A commercial, sponsored by MTV demonstrating correct car seat usage and facts. For example, the correct positioning of a chest clip and harness.
The fact that all children MUST rear face until they are both 1 year and 20 lbs, and should remain rear facing until they are at least 2 and ideally, at least 35 lbs.
The importance of knowing a car seat's history if buying second hand, and the fact that car seats have expiration dates.

If MTV can advocate for "Its your sex life" and "Love is Respect" we'd like to see a small less than 5 minute segment about the importance of car seat safety at the reunion show.

This has the potential to SAVE THE LIVES of THOUSANDS of babies and children. Acknowledge it, and take advantage of that!

I would have to agree. At first I just blamed the few incidents I saw with the fact that we only see a small amount of their lives, everyone slips up every now and again. I also took into consideration that MTV has the cast getting in and out of their cars just to get a shot of them turning a corner in a residential neighborhood etc. The more I think about it though the more it does make sense to at the very least mention car seat safety in an after show, commercial or reunion.
For example: Ali should have her chest clip over her chest not her belly. She should also probably be rear facing still due to her size. I don't think in any way that Leah or Corey are bad parents. I do think that maybe many of the parents on these shows do not understand the severity of proper car seat safety.

Of all the things they talk about on the show, some of the biggest parenting issues and decisions are left out. Safety, Vaccines, Birthing plans, Discipline. If you ask me these are some of the things that I guarantee teens aren't thinking about before they accidentally get pregnant. Honestly these kind of tough parenting choices, and decisions need to be showcased.

 Don't you agree?

The Pregnancy Project References 'TeenMom'

Last night I watched a movie called The Pregnancy Project on Lifetime, based on the true story of Gaby Rodriguez, the 18-year-old Washington state high school student who pretended to be pregnant in an effort to explore conventional stereotypes and the treatment of pregnant teens.

When the main character first tells her friends that she is "pregnant" one of the dumber guy characters states: "Maybe you can get on one of those Teen Mom shows and get a boat load of money"

It's no surprise to me that most people see this show and think "rich teen moms." It's sad that the original message of the show is hidden behind the fact that these girls make money from the show. Maci recently talked about the fact that she is getting paid because her privacy is being taken away. I agree with that. On the other hand, some of the girls including Maci have said "I'm not rich." Well... that depends on who you are comparing them to. Rich compared to Donald Trump... No. Rich compared to MOST teen parents... yes, definitely.

Later on in the movie when the reality of having a living child sinks in to the girl's friends one states: "Haven't you seen that show Teen Mom? All those babies do is cry.."

This reference to the show was more of what I was looking for. This one shows that maybe the message does sink in to teens. Do you think that Teens can see past the sometimes glamorizing moments of the show and see that teen parenting is no walk in the park? Do you think that the show can send that message and also inspire other teen parents to believe that they can follow their dreams and be successful in life?

The two messages kind of contradict themselves. You don't want teens to think its okay to get pregnant and you don't want the pregnant ones to believe their lives are over.

Jenelle Hospitalized with Kidney Infection

Jenelle was recently suffered a Kidney infection which cause her to be spending Teen Mom Tuesday in a hospital bed.
Her manager confirmed to E! News that a doctor prescribed antibiotics to treat the ailment and sent Evans home.
Jenelle hasn't had the best luck with her health lately she was in and out of the doctor's earlier this month when she had strep throat and in October when she injured her wrist in a car accident. We all know she hasn't had the best luck with the law either recently. Being arrested twice in the same week while sick and in and out of the hospital.
Hopefully though Jenelle is dealing with the stress in a healthier way then she used to. From what I gather she has been clean and sober for quite some time now and has been attending college classes to become a medical assistant.

Good Luck Jenelle!
Jenelle and Jace out Ice Skating!

Corey Simms Buys a House!

Corey recently purchased a home in a nice neighborhood in hopes of having a fresh start and a nice home the girls can grow up in. The house looks very Corey. I like it!

Here are some tweets from Corey and his father about the new home:

He also recently got his truck's windows tinted:

So it looks like Corey ended up getting everything he wanted. (Which makes me think that Corey and Leah probably could have worked out their problems... but we will see more of that story Tuesday!)

Congratulations Corey on buying your first home! Good luck to you!