Thursday, February 2, 2012

Teen Moms on The Rosie O'Donnell Show?

Jenelle  and Catelynn  took to Twitter today to talk about the possibility of meeting up during an appearance on 'Rosie.'

Catelynn tweeted to Jenelle : "I cant wait to meet you! You think your going to do the Rosie Show? Because I hope you do so we can hang. We would have fun,"  

So, it looks like the cast of 'Teen Mom' and possibly 'Teen Mom 2' will be getting together to do an interview for Rosie O'Donnell. I think this would be amazing! I'll keep my eye out for any possible air dates!


It looks like the Teen Parents that made it out to Chicago for the filming of the Rosie Show were Catelynn, Tyler, and Chelsea. Jenelle doesn't appear to be with them, most likely because of her recent surgery. (tonsils) The three tweeted about their excitement and getting pizza together. Here are some tweets by Tyler and a couple photos by Chelsea:

Thursday March 1 7pm on OWN

Check this site: to put in your zip code and find the correct channel number. <3 

Leah Confesses to Cheating

Last night, after the SNEAK PEEK of next weeks episode of Teen Mom 2 was posted on the mtv website, Leah took to twitter to defend herself against the slew of hurtful comments being made about her.

This is what she wrote: 

I thought this was funny:

So there you have it folks. After a year of rumors and trash talk we finally get the truth. There has been speculation of Corey being verbally and physically abusive during their marriage but Jeff Simms claims that they are all lies, mostly thrown into the media by Leah's friend Amy who is known for hating Corey and his family. I'm sure there were things that both Leah and Corey did that contributed to their marriage falling apart but I think finding out Leah cheated was probably the last straw.

Many people are asking about Corey cheating on Leah. It has never been confirmed that Corey slept with anyone else. Corey has allegedly flirted and talked with other girls but no one has said anything about him sleeping with anyone else.