Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Episode 11 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Episode 11


Jo says he wants to start doing his visitation during the week. Jordan is worried about Jo and Kail being alone in her apartment. During Jo's visit Kail asks him about his love life and he very cutely says that Isaac is his love. I swear Jo either bugs me or is cool. The two flirt and Kail asks Jo to stay and hang out. He says no and that he has plans. She and Jo kiss on the cheek goodbye and Kail blurts out "I love you." out of habit. But I think it was her subconscious thoughts coming out. Kail later asks Jordan if he is comfortable with Kail and Jo spending time together. He of course says no. It's easy to see that Kail and Jo have a connection so I understand his fears. While on another visit Jo tells Kail that he is dropping the whole appealing child support thing. They give Isaac a bath and spend some adorable quality time together as a family. Kail says she is tired and Jo asks if he should leave. Kail asks him to stay.


Jenelle needs to stay clean for 1 year and is stressed about not being able to see Kieffer or her friends who have pending drug charges. She tells Kieffer that maybe they shouldn't be in a relationship since they can't see each other. She looks into going to rehab to help her make it through the year without smoking weed. Her lawyer makes sure that it is all okay and sends her on her way to rehab. Barbara is really supportive of Jenelle leaving and gets emotional about it. She says "I'm gonna miss ya, but I wont miss the drama!" I gotta tell you, I love Barbara and Jenelle. I have a feeling when Jenelle gets older and wiser, they will be close again. 


This episode starts out with the epic scene of Leah confessing to Corey that she cheated on him 1 week before the wedding. This is a hard scene to watch let me tell you. Corey is trying so hard not to cry and that makes me cry. Leah says that she was drunk when she slept with Robbie and that she didn't mean to hurt Corey. She goes to stay with her mom to give Corey some space. He wont return her calls. He talks to his dad about whats going on and comes to the conclusion that they should get a divorce. Leah decides to get a lawyer and file first to protect her custody of the kids. She meets with the lawyer, they discuss who spends the most time with the children and check to see if Corey has filed yet. It turns out that he hasn't so Leah files  to protect herself and her babies. Leah falls to pieces afterward. Heartbreaking. 


Chelsea is finally starting the process of getting her GED by looking up some information. Chelsea writes her first check ever to her father for $400. It's kind of comical but at least she is finally doing the things she needs to be doing. Adam alls to see if he can get Aubree and she tells him that she doesn't trust him alone with her. Everyone agrees that she is right. Chelsea talks to someone about how to go about getting her GED. She decides to go take the practice test to see how she does. She passes! Yay Chelsea! 

Next Week: 
"Love Will Tear Us Apart"
Season 2 Finale! Chelsea takes the GED test, Kailyn comes clean about cheating, Leah moves her things our of Corey's house, and Jenelle continues rehab.

There will be a Teen Mom 2 Marathon starting at 10am Tuesday so you can catch up on any episodes you missed! 

Farrah, Kailyn, and Chelsea in NYC!

Farrah, Kaily, and Chelsea are in NYC today filming a segment for Anderson Cooper.
Looks like they are having a blast! 

Jenelle Had Surgery

Jenelle had her tonsils taken out this morning. Everything went fine and she is doing well but is ready to go home!

Get well Jenelley!