Monday, February 13, 2012

Ali & Aleeah's Beauty Pageant

Ali and Aleeah participated in a beauty pageant Saturday benefiting St. Jude, where Leah and Corey came together for a good cause. From some of the photos posted on twitter it looks like MTV cameras were there filming season 3 of Teen Mom 2. It was nice to see Corey and Leah together doing something as a family. No they are not back together, but it seems like they are getting along enough to be around each other and that is good news for the girls.

Aliannah won prettiest smile, and Aleeah won prettiest eyes. 

Hello MTV. 

The girls beautiful pageant dresses were created and provided by Bailey Booper's Boutique.
This boutique's adorable creations have been caught on camera during Teen Mom 2 many times, Check out the link above, there is an album with photos of all the products on Teen Mom 2.

 Aliannah & Aleeah will be attending the Children's Miracle Network Pageant at the LaBelle Theater (In South Charleston) on Feburary 25th, Starting at 11am. Leah's mom Dawn will be in this next pageant in the "granny" division!