Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Episode 12 Recap (Finale)

Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Episode 12
"Love Will Tear Us Apart"


Leah has been advised by her lawyer to not have any contact with Corey since she filed for divorce. Corey misses the girls but doesn't really seem too torn up about finding out that Leah filed. Leah's parents are helping her buy the trailer they have picked out. While Leah is getting a pedicure Corey asks if he can pick up the girls for the weekend. They have to arrange it all through their lawyers. Leah's mom conveniently gets the photos from Leah's wedding in the mail while this is all happening. (which is stupid because I remember her posting the pictures after the wedding and getting in trouble with MTV for it. They wanted that extra bit of drama for the show.) Leah breaks down looking at them. Who else cried during that part? Leah gets emotional having to drop the girls off with Corey and she can't bring herself to really look at him. She puts on a smile through the tears for her girls but breaks down again after they leave. The next evening she has to pick them up and get her belongings from Corey's house. Corey just kind of stands around while they clean out the house. He tells her to take what she needs and he will buy new stuff. Leah and Corey did okay until it was time to go and they both got emotional. It's hard to watch.


Kailyn talks with her friend about Jo spending the night, she admits to things "going too far" with him that night. Jo talks to his brother about it and has no issue with saying they had sex. Kail decides to tell Jordan what happened. She explains that things "went too far and that its because she has a bond with Jo. Jordan gathers his things to leave and Kail is busy on her phone while he is doing that. She is very cold towards Jordan and expects him to be understanding. O.o
Jo and Kail sit down to talk about things. Kail wants to get back together with Jo but he really isn't interested. He said that he isn't ready to commit to anyone. She breaks down which doesn't seem like an easy thing for her to do. 


Jenelle arrives in California and checks into rehab. Her bags are searched immediately and she is given a drug screening which shows THC (The active ingredient in marijuana.) She meets with a psychiatrist for an evaluation. Apparently Jenelle's brother is bipolar and has schizophrenia. So perhaps mental illness runs in her family. The Dr. tells her that she has anxiety and possibly bipolar disorder. Kieffer texts and calls Jenelle a bunch when she gets her phone back begging her to get back together and she says no repeatedly. She works on her anxiety and her relationship with her mom and learns ways of coping with her anxiety. She video chats with her mom and has high hopes for the future. All the weed is out of her system and she is ready to go home. When she finally gets there she shows her mom and Jace all the cute presents she got for them while in rehab and is very happy to be home with them again.


Chelsea is working more on her GED and is on her way to getting it. Her mom wants her to go to a car show with her and Chelsea knows Adam will most likely be there. Of course when they get there she spots him in the crowd and gets emotional at the sight of him. It's obvious she just hasn't gotten over him yet. Later Chelsea gets her test results and we finally hear the line that we have heard over and over in the commercials: "Mommy passed her GED test!!!" Chelsea agreed to let Adam's parents take Aubree overnight. Adam comes to pick up Aubree and Chelsea gets excited and makes sure to get all pretty for when he comes over. He invites her to go with them to talk for a bit. She loved spending time with Adam and Aubree as a family so when he asks if she wants to go for a ride on his bike she says yes. 

Next Week:The Reunion Special :)