Thursday, February 16, 2012

Amber Accepted Into Halfway House

Amber was back in court today and was officially accepted into Sister 2 Sister Ministries, a live-in halfway house for women exiting jail.
According to The Herald Bulletin, Amber Portwood “told Happe that her understanding was that she could enter the program while living with her grandparents.”
“I understand you’ve been in jail for awhile, and you’re frustrated,” Happe said. “But the last thing we want to do is release you and have you commit another offense.”
She will be allowed to leave the facility as long as her whereabouts are known and she is back by the 10pm curfew. I think this is great news. She will have her freedom but will be monitored so she stays out of trouble. 
How long she will have to stay in this facility depends on how well she does in there. 
From The Herald Bulletin:
Under the drug court program, Portwood was told she would undergo daily screenings, fulfill treatment obligations, and attend drug court each week. If Portwood fails the program, she will serve five years at the Department Of Correction. Happe reminded her that the sentence was non-negotiable.
MTV reportedly made an agreement with the court clarifying that her contractual obligations would not interfere with her completion of the drug program.
In order to film the Season 4 Reunion Special she would have to fly out to NYC rather soon. I'm wondering if she will even be allowed to do that now. 


According to TMZ Amber could be living in this halfway house for up to 3 years and must get a court approved 9-to-5 job that she must attend at least 5 days a week. 

"Teen Mom will NOT count as a job. PLUS, The Judge has banned Portwood from taping any MTV project while staying at the halfway house, working her job or appearing in court. Doesn't leave Amber much room for reality TV. 

Also, Amber is not allowed to tape anything while hanging out with any other girls who also live at the halfway house

We're told the judge reached out to MTV ... and the network assured the court it would not sue Amber for breaking her contract with the show because of the sentencing ... a sure sign they are planning on moving on from her story."

Cate & Ty Visit Carly!

Valentine's Day this year was extra special for our most adorable Teen Mom couple. Catelynn and Tyler got a visit with their true love Carly. She is almost 3 years old now! Man where does the time go? 
I wish I had lots of new photos of Carly to share but her parents Branden and Teresa asked that photos not be posted online. I can understand. They do deserve privacy. I'm sure they never intended to be a part of a long term MTV reality show when adopting their daughter. 
I saw a tweet from a fan to Tyler not too long ago saying that they saw Carly with her parents and she looked happy. It's nice to hear but I'm sure B & T don't want Carly being recognized forever by strangers. Honestly it would freak me out a little if I were them. 

I do however have some tweets to share:

click photo to enlarge
(The awesome photo of Catelynn and Tyler I posted is by Pure Amour Photography)