Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jenelle Hit the Boyfriend Jackpot

Jenelle and her boyfriend Gary weren't able to celebrate Valentines Day together but it looks like Gary is making up for it today with numerous surprises.

Gift number 1:

Gift number 2:

And Gift number 3 is having her car windows tinted and a nice dinner at a secret location tonight.
I have to say it is really nice to see Jenelle with a guy who is treating her right. This is one hell of a step up from Kieffer that is for sure!
It isn't all material things either, Gary and Jenelle seem to be getting along great and he looks like a very sweet guy. Good luck to you Jenelle!

See Inside Corey's New House!

Corey gives us a sneak peek into his new home via twitter. Since buying his home he has been working hard and painting away.

Nice Pool, I think I can guess who these next rooms are for!