Sunday, February 19, 2012

Teen Moms Feel the Pressure of Social Networking

The cast of Teen Mom (1) were practically non existent on facebook when I started my Teen Mom fan page about a year ago. I'm not sure if they ever ran their own fan pages or not before then but they do not run their Official fan pages now. None of them do. The cast of Teen Mom 2 is the complete opposite. Each girl runs their own Official fan page. 

The Teen Mom facebook world is like nothing I've ever seen. There are hundreds of fan pages, hundreds of fake profiles of the girls, tons of hate pages and everything else. With all that comes a lot of drama! 

Jenelle recently had to take a step back from her social networking sites and allow her manager to supervise her posts. She couldn't decide on her own what is appropriate and what is not and was mostly posting her ex-friends' phone numbers and personal information on there. She is even dealing with some legal trouble from an ex-roommate about the things she texts and tweets to her. 

Chelsea has never been much for facebook but is active on twitter. She stays away which is a good idea. She has come back to facebook recently though to advertise her Scentsy. 

Leah felt the wrath of fans who judge her situation by what they see on TV. Not everyone knows the whole story of Leah and Corey and most ONLY know what they see on the show so I don't really blame the fans. She needed to take a break from facebook and twitter which really only lasted a short while. 

Now Kailyn is having to take a break from twitter due to silly online drama with another Teen Mom blogger. She has promised us that she will post on her fb page more often though! 

I'm thinking the original Teen Mom cast is smart to stay away from the facebook fan page world. They are all active on twitter though (except Amber who has NO social networking sites.) Even random mindless tweeting gets the girls into trouble though. Farrah commenting on the Kardashians and Maci with her cryptic tweets about her and Kyle.

Will the cast of Teen Mom give up their public fan pages and twitters for the sake of privacy? Should they? What do you think?