Monday, February 20, 2012

Leah Messer Jumped Outside Movie Theater

Over the weekend Leah and her fiance, Jeremy, went to the movies, where Leah ended up getting harassed and attacked by a group of girls. 
Leah's mom Dawn broke the news on Twitter, asking if anyone knew who attacked her daughter.

Leah has plenty of family that had her back and an entourage assembled within minutes to come to her rescue. 

Later Leah's mom tweeted"Ty ALL for your sweetness! Leah is good"
It sounds to me like maybe this group of girls only knew Leah through what they saw of her on mtv, and maybe whatever gossip they heard around town. 

But did Leah really get "jumped?" There is speculation that Leah hit one of the girls first. Rumor has it that Leah jumped out of her car to confront the girls when she was on her way out of the theater. 

There aren't many details since Leah has kept the incident off of her twitter and facebook page. It's sad that these girls can't even have somewhat normal lives away from the cameras. Jenelle had a crazy anti-fan attack her not too long ago and Amber is known to have people in her town harassing her in public. I'm sure all the girls get different levels of negative attention from the public but Leah is not used to that. Usually she is the favorite of Teen Mom 2. Hopefully she is coping with this incident and hopefully Momma Dawn finds those little you-know-whats and teaches them a lesson! 

UPDATE: posted a screen shot of one of the girls bragging about the fight with Leah.

click to enlarge
"She had posted on her own Facebook wall earlier that night that she and her family were going to the movies to see Ghost Rider 3-D, so that certainly matches up."
Amy LaDawn responded on her Facebook wall:
“Little girl you really need to stop posting all over Facebook that your Aunt kicked Leah’s ass, cause I’m pretty sure that even in high heels she hit every damn one of them who fought her and only came out with a knot on her cheek. No scratches, no bruises etc. And I’m pretty sure now that there was a comment made about Leah that STARTED the fight not Leah, does the phrase ‘There’s that Anorexic b!tch from Teen Mom’ ring a bell. I’d watch what you say online, cause I have pictures of it all, every post you’ve made, I’d sure hate for it to be held against your aunt later on down the road..If you know what I mean..Just words of advice . And Leah says ‘If you have anything to say, to come to her, she’s not scared’”
To which the girl responded with, “OK Amy drop it and shut up I mean for real god by and stop commetin on my styff”

TMZ was able to obtain a photo of Leah after the fight with the girls. She is showing the knot on her face that Amy mentioned.