Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TM2 Season2 Reunion Special Part 1

Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Reunion Special Part 1
with Dr. Drew

The usual recap of the whole season gets Leah and Kailyn emotional. They talk about how the relationship between all the girls of TM2 have become very close. Jenelle and Chelsea joke about Jace and Aubree either fighting each other or making out! Ha! 

Kieffer and Jenelle at this point were on and off with their relationship. Jenelle talks about how rehab was really good for her. She confirms that she relapsed and is facing jail time (we know that she isn't in jail now and has been passing all her drug tests since August of this year). School is an escape for Jenelle and its a darn good one. Barbara says what we all know about how Kieffer is a user and a bad influence. Dr. Drew helps Barbara and Jenelle talk about Kieffer. I have to say that Jenelle and Barbara seemed to be getting along a lot better at this point. Barbara jokes with Dr. Drew about how she loves Jenelle... but doesn't like her a lot of times! This time though Barbara is able to quickly list 3 things she loves about Jenelle and Jenelle can do the same for her mom. They have a very sweet moment and share a hug! Awe. 

At this point she is very proud about living in her own place. She explains that she got assistance with it for the first 6 months and then was able to pay for it on her own. Kail talks about how confused she is about Jo and Jordan. She gets really emotional talking about Jordan and how she treated him in their relationship. Jo is brought out first and has a bit of a cocky attitude. He establishes that they are both single. Kail asks him what he wants and he says that he is just letting things happen and he isn't in any hurry to push a relationship. Jo announces to the audience  that Kail and him slept together more then once.
Jordan is bought out and looks less then thrilled to be there. Jordan is willing to give them a chance. Kail basically says that now that Jo has said he doesn't want to work on things that she wouldn't want to lose Jordan. She cries about the fact that it is really hard for her to get over Jo while she is trying to make things work with Jordan. 
Then to make Kailyn's portion of the show even more epic they bring Jo back out so the three of them are sitting on the couch together. She gets so emotional sitting there that she walks out crying. After a break she comes back much better. Kailyn apologizes to both of them for the way things have went down. Out of what seems like no where Kailyn talks about the fact that the one time she didn't use a condom with Jo she got an STD and gave it to Jordan. Jo of course gets really defensive and tells her not to point the finger at him! Just goes to show you kids that you need to use condoms.

Next week:
Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Reunion Special Part 2: Dr. Drew talks to Leah and Chelsea.

Amber Taking Prison Over Halfway House?

Amber is supposed to be released from jail into  a halfway house this week after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance. But according to E! has considered changing her plea so that she can continue shooting Teen Mom as much as possible.

Amber doesn't WANT to spend 5 years in jail. Amber's attorney says that it's "not true" that his client would prefer to change her plea and do jail time.

"But it is true that the drug court that's allowing Portwood to rehabilitate at the halfway house has ordered the facility not to allow a camera crew inside, and we hear that's got the single mom on edge."

Amber is supposed to be living in a halfway house for a minimum of 8 months then getting a job where she wont be allowed to film Teen Mom. The judge has warned her that if she violates her strict probation in any way, she'll be facing a minimum of 5 years in prison.

Amber hasn't filmed for Teen Mom since before Christmas.
She said in court last week that she had been under the impression that she would be allowed to live with her grandparents while fulfilling the terms of her sentence (counseling, regular check-ins with the court, etc.), so being ordered to a halfway house caught her by surprise.

From E!:
"A source close to her confirms that the court has been in touch with MTV about what is expected of Portwood over the next year and that the network is being cooperative—which, according to the insider, is freaking Portwood out because the show has been her sole source of income and most of her savings have gone to legal fees.
Amber decided Saturday that she would rather "do her time now and get it out of the way," the source said. The halfway house is "not the right place for her. She'd have a 10 p.m. curfew and would never see Leah because she wouldn't want to bring Leah around that place."

"The system doesn't want Amber to succeed," the source said. "She needs to stay in the entertainment industry. There are no jobs in Anderson. She needs to finish her schooling. She can't do all of that with a $7-an-hour job."

By agreeing to the drug court program, Portwood had her case effectively removed from Madison County Circuit Court.
A court clerk confirmed to E! News last week that Portwood was sentenced to at least 18 months—and a maximum of three years—in the program and would have to appear at a drug court hearing every week. The Circuit Court would not have to see her again unless "she messes up again," the clerk said.

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Sneak Peek!

MTV has posted the trailer for the new season of 16 & Pregnant. You can see it here:

The new season is scheduled to air March 27th. Only one week before the alleged premiere of Teen Mom Season 4. Catelynn and Farrah both recently stated that the new season of Teen Mom would air April 3rd. Since Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant have always had the same time slot (Tuesdays at 10pm) I find this hard to believe. MTV has posted the trailer for 16&Pregnant NOT the trailer for Teen Mom season 4. The ladies of Teen Mom have not filmed the reunion special yet for season 4 either.

Last year the schedule was: Teen Mom 2 in the winter, 16&Pregnant in the Spring and Teen Mom in the summer. I'm thinking it will be the same this year. Which will make the premiere of Teen Mom Season 4 closer to July. (Like last year.) 

I will make sure to keep everyone updated and announce the Official Premiere Date of Teen Mom Season 4 when MTV announces it themselves.

I just got word from a reliable source that Teen Mom Season 4 will NOT air April 3rd. Sorry to disappoint. :(