Friday, February 24, 2012

Amber Released From Jail TODAY!

Amber Portwood is to be released from Jail today after 2 months of being locked up for probation violations and drug possession.

Amber's brother Shawn posted to her official fan page yesterday: "Amber will be released tomorrow!"

According to TMZ the Indiana judge in her drug case is going to release Amber today for one reason and one reason only -- the halfway house where Amber was supposed to complete a drug treatment program has refused to accept her.
Apparently Sister 2 Sister Ministries -- felt Amber is too much of a handful.

The judge decided to release her today with an electronic monitoring bracelet.

The judge will still require her to apply for residency at another home ... but that process could take months. Amber will remain on home detention until a different drug treatment program accepts her.

Amber was ordered not to film Teen Mom at Sister 2 Sister Ministries, but since its not a factor for the time being maybe she will film with MTV and keep her Teen Mom income.