Monday, February 27, 2012

There WILL be a Teen Mom 3!!

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MTV announced earlier today that it will air a third installment of its popular Teen Mom franchise titled Teen Mom 3!!
At this time there are no more details available, but it is assumed the new quartet of young moms will be chosen from the upcoming fourth season of 16 and Pregnant set to premiere March 27 with back-to-back episodes.
 There were some reliable rumors that MTV tried out some of the girls from seasons 3A and 3B of 16 and Pregnant, but for various reasons decided not to move forward at that time.
I might just watch 16 & Pregnant Season 4 just to pick out which girls I would want to see on Teen Mom 3. I'm so surprised to hear this because the last time it was talked about MTV decided not to make another Teen Mom series. Perhaps the original Teen Mom is coming to an end and they want to keep those ratings up. Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have been so successful, more so in my opinion then 16 & Pregnant. It would make sense to me for them to go ahead with another Teen Mom.

I'm guessing that Teen Mom season 4 will be the last for the original girls.
So Teen Mom 3 should replace that time slot. 16 & Pregnant Season 4 will start March 27th. Then Teen Mom Season 4, then Teen Mom 2 Season 3 and THEN Teen Mom 3 Season 1. WHEW. Hope that didn't confuse too many of you. It makes sense too, they have pretty much a year to film the four girls they pick for Teen Mom 3. Which would keep them right on schedule.

MTV is pretty crowded with Teen Pregnancy but its a money maker so they don't really seem to care! At least they have Awkward, in my opinion the only good scripted show on MTV. 
Don't worry, my eyes are peeled for new information on this and I will update about it again!

Teen Mom + Caged = MTV Love

Lately Chelsea and Daniel from MTV's new show Caged have been flirting it up on twitter. Daniel and some peoples hung out with Chelsea and had a great time. Now he is sleeping on her couch? 

Honestly I have no idea what is going on between them but he looks pretty comfy cozy. Could there be romance in the air? Only time will tell. Some people are saying he is better then Adam, others are saying he is just as douchey. I personally have no opinion on the matter. I had never even heard of this kid till Chelsea started posting a bunch of pictures of them on twitter. Well I mean I saw the commercials but wasn't really interested in the show. 

I for one hope he is better and nicer then Adam. I wish Chelsea all the best!

Farrah Goes Fishin'

Saturday Farrah and family set out to sea for a fun day of fishing! She tweets: "Taking the family on a fishing charter. Sophias ready for her first catch!" 

Farrah's father Michael, Sophia, and Farrah!
Deck Surfing!
Catch of the day! A Yellowtail! 

Kail on Dancing with the Stars?

The popular show Dancing with the Stars is looking for suggestions for the new season. Kail had mentioned recently that she would LOVE to be on this show, even though she does not consider herself a star, she says it would be an amazing experience. Kailyn wouldn't be the first Teen Mom on the show. Bristol Palin was a contestant on one season. Honestly I have no idea which one because, like American Idol, I only watch the ending episodes, sometimes, when there is nothing else on! I have to say if Kailyn was on it though I think I would watch the whole thing. 

A fan created a FB page in hopes of having Kail voted onto the show. Kail herself even posted the page and says: "Someone made this for me, and I would LOVE to do this! No negative comments please. No I'm not saying I'm a "star" would be an awesome experience. Like it please!!" 

So what do you think? Would you like to see Kail on Dancing with the Stars!?