Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TM 2 Reunion Special Pt. 2 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Reunion Special Part 2

We dive right in with Chelsea stating that Adam and herself are civil and are getting along. She reluctantly admits to hooking up with Adam occasionally even though they aren't together. I for some reason was under the impression that she had passed her entire GED test but I was wrong, she passed one part of it. She still has a ways to go with that. She talks about Megan's pregnancy. They kind of treat it as though Megan was another tragic teen pregnancy but she wasn't a teen when she got pregnant. I think they are trying to milk the whole Megan getting pregnant thing to make it look like she didn't learn from Chelsea but I just think it was a totally different situation and not comparable. 
Anywho they bring Adam out (booo) they talk about how their past of cheating on each other keeps them from really getting along and being together. Adam says he cheated on Chelsea less then five times. Funny because I remember him saying he cheated on her at least 5 times on one of the episodes. 
The go on to talk about how Chelsea and Adam have hooked up with each other's friends to get back at one another. It's kind of exhausting. Then Adam holds her hand, kisses her and tells her how he loves her so. O.o So they got back together during this reunion I guess... 

Leah confirms what most of us already know, that her and Corey did in fact file for divorce after only 6 months of marriage. Leah says that she feels like her life is full of people leaving her. She says that she cheated on Corey during her bachelorette party. I'm assuming the real party started after MTV cameras left that night. She explains that she felt insecure prior to the cheating because there was a lack of intimacy between them. Leah says that she is still in love with Corey and she rushed into the divorce because she was afraid of losing custody of her children. 
Corey comes out and at first doesn't really have much to say about how Leah felt. Corey claims that the lack of intimacy came from Leah texting her ex Robbie prior to cheating on him. Corey also claims to have being sleeping with Leah about twice a week. Which is pretty normal, Leah claims it wasn't that often. 
Leah says she tried to get Corey to seek couples counseling but he was too fed up at that point to do it.  The sad thing to me is that the last straw was this whole house vs. truck thing. Which turns out was just a misunderstanding between them that couldn't be resolved because of the other issues going on between them.
They both get emotional and pretty much agree that they should have talked this out before things had gotten so far.
Leah's mother Dawn and Corey's father Jeff join us at this point. Jeff says that he doesn't really want to see them back together. He doesn't have faith that Leah wont cheat again. Dawn says that Leah is seeing a therapist. Leah gets upset because Corey's family isn't supportive of Leah and Corey says some things about Leah's family not having any sense. Jeff opens up about how he was the only one on Coreys side that didn't turn his back on Leah. Leah tells Jeff that she loves him and saw him like a father and now she feels like he is gone. They resolve that issue and Jeff and Leah agree to call each other now and again and communicate the way they used to. 
Dawn breaks down about the fact that Ali and Aleeah are the ones who suffer from this situation. 

All the ladies come out to ask each other questions. Kail asks a great question to Chealsea, asking how long Chelsea is giving herself to pass her GED. She says 6 months... She says she doesn't want to rush herself.. well she gave herself plenty of time so hopefully she passed everything within that time. 
Dr. Drew asks how the show being public has effected them. Chelsea talks about how people bad mouth them on facebook. 

Dr. Drew lays some statistics on us and promotes pregnancy prevention and then we finally see the babies! daw so cute.