Sunday, March 4, 2012

Corey & Jeremy Getting Along!

From what I understand Corey and Jeremy have known each other a long time. They are actually friends and getting along despite the fact that Leah and Corey haven't even been divorced a year yet. Corey seems like he is finally okay with Leah and her fiance Jeremy. 

I don't know a lot about Jeremy but he seems like a nice guy. Corey and Jeremy were spotted smiling and hanging out together in NYC while the cast was filming the Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Reunion Special. 

Teen Mom's Luckiest Fan Tells Her Story

One very lucky Teen Mom fan named Sarah Zadravecz just so happened to win a trip to NYC from Vh1(ironic) and stayed in the same hotel that the entire cast of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 were staying this weekend. Both casts were in the big apple filming their season reunions. They aren't normally in the same place at the same time so it was definitely a special occasion.
Sarah was kind enough to give us a detailed play by play of what went down in the hotel Lobby. Enjoy.

"I had won a contest for VH1 [Mob Wives Swear Jar] & im in NYC from march 3-6th J me & my friend (Liz) were waiting to check in & out comes Farrah holding Sophia from the elevator! I was shocked! She said ‘excuse me’ to me & I moved [lol]. Couldn’t even say a word. Then out comes Ryan with his gf Dalis & they go & talk to Farrah who met up with her mom. We checked into our room & went back down to the lobby & there’s Caitlyn & Tyler standing there & talking to April [Cait’s mom] 4:30-5pm.

At around 8:30-9pm we decided to go check out the hotel & we relaxed in the part of the lobby [closest to the elevators]  Farrah walked past us with her mom & a sleeping Sophia; Farrah said hi to us & went to the elevator. Super nice!

Then we were talking to a guy (Travis) when Corey; his dad & step mom plus the twin girls walked past us all randomly! Then some blonde girl brought a little girl by us; I couldn’t make her out & it was Leah! (Amber & Gary’s daughter); she was adorable!! Dancing around & playing! Then Caitlyn & Tyler walk by & onto the elevator. April & Caitlyn’s brother [I forget his name] was with them. Tyler is so cute in person!

And then here comes Maci with Bentley! She’s soo pretty in person & Bentley is a heartbreaker! Him & Leah were dancing around for a minute until Ryan & Dalis came. Maci took Bentley’s hand & Ryan said “goodnight buddy” to him. Adorable! My friend does his accent so good & we remember the one episode where he said ‘well, there ya go’ ; she said it when he stood in front of us & he looked back & smiled! *swoon* Ryan & Dalis soon walked away. 

Kailyn comes walking in holding Isaac’s hand with Joe behind them. They just went to the elevator. 

Gary comes in & gets Leah. He’s with his friend Jordan & they stand around talking. Next is Chelsea with her dad Randy & Aubree. They stopped & talked to Gary & left. Chelsea & her dad smiled at us & gave us a head nod like ‘hey’ LOL! My friend did it to them first. They seemed so down to earth!

In comes Leah with Jeremy [who’s holding a pink bag; LOL]; Leah stops & talks to “little” Leah & says ‘I remember when you were little’ it was cute.

Then in comes Jenelle who’s walking with her new bf & Barbara. We totally wanted to yell (in the Barbara voice) - “where’s Kieffer” [kee-fuhh] ; we don’t like him but her accent is the best when she says his name!

Corey’s dad comes down & sits across from us. He’s texting on his phone. He was very quiet. He smiled at us. Corey comes down & stands by me. I didn’t even realize it until my friend said it. By that time he walked over to Gary & the “group”

Randy (Chelsea’s dad) comes back down & talks to Gary; Adam, who’s with his friend gets off the elevator & stands with Randy & Gary. They’re all talking & then the group walks away. 

It was an awesome night & we picked the best seats to scope out celebs! LOL!

Sunday night we decided to sit in the lobby again “star-stalking” we thought everyone from Teen Mom had left. Until Ryan’s mom walked to the front desk. We had high hopes now!!

Then April along with Caitlyn’s brother walked by. Came back like 10mins later. Then left again with Caitlyn & Tyler

Ryan walked past us with Dalis. He smiled at us. Soo hott!!! He could’ve recognized us from last nite! LOL!

Caitlyn & Tyler walked passed & went on the elevator. Came back down like 15mins later & left the hotel.

Maci came in with Bentley & her friend. I said that Bentley was so cute & she smiled at me. Like 20mins later she came down with her mom & they went to eat at the hotel restaurant!

Farrah came in with Sophia walking & Deborah. Deb was asking Sophia questions & it was so cute. Sophia said she wanted to “dance” around 

Gary came in holding 2 boxes of pizza along with Leah & his friend Jordan. They went to their room & a few mins later; they came back. Leah was in a stroller & they left the hotel for a bit. They came back & Gary told the hotel lady that he’ll bring the other box of pizza down for them. He came back down with the pizza & they were talking."

And there you have it folks!