Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Maci Partying in Daytona Florida

Maci and friends arrived in Florida at 6:30am this morning for spring break. She drove down with her friends all night. Most likely to beat traffic which is my favorite thing to do when driving to Florida. 

Maci has tweeted many times that she lives out of her suitcase, which seems to be the case. She is always traveling but mostly for work. This time she gets to have some fun. 

She boasted on twitter earlier about winning the first game of ... well lets pretend its not beer in there. 

Maci's fantastic views:

Have fun Maci and be safe! 

Jenelle Gets Bashed for Shopping at Louis Vuitton

TMZ bashes Jenelle all over the place for visiting a Louis Vuitton in New York City while she was there filming the Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Reunion. 
Jenelle tweeted that her boyfriend Gary was actually the one buying her items from the VERY expensive designer store. (I thought she wasn't allowed to tweet for a month?) Sometimes I love TMZ and then sometimes I don't. Sometimes they get their facts twisted and it's frustrating. Poor Jenelle... 

Then again... I sure wish I could shop there!