Thursday, March 8, 2012

Farrah's Book Cover

Farrah's book has been available for pre-order for quite some time now on
The Cover is kind of horrible. Thankfully though that is just a temporary cover. The real one will be revealed when the book is released and will be an adorable shot of Farrah and the one and only Sophia.
Here is a behind the scenes photo of the photo-shoot for the real cover:

Farrah's book will be released June 26th 2012.

Amber Not Able to Give Drug Test

Amber has been doing great since being released from jail. Apparently though she wasn't able to pee when it was time for her regular drug test on Monday. According to TMZ she just wasn't able to go at the time.   She will be in court Thursday for a check up with the judge and for it to be decided whether or not Amber is in big trouble for this...


The judge ordered Amber to submit to an extra 30 days of daily drug testing for failing to give a urine test (an automatic "fail" when it comes to drug testing.)
According to TMZ:
Apparently Amber also missed an AA meeting recently..
As punishment Amber is also required to re-read the drug court handbook and write a 500-word report on her responsibilities as a drug court participant.