Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Farrah's E! Interview

An interview with Farrah was featured on E! News this evening. She talked about being ready to move on from Teen Mom. She wants to be viewed as a young woman because she is no longer a teenager. 

Her new publicist wants to re-brand Farrah's image and get her away from the negative attention she has received from Teen Mom. Farrah talks about how she has toned down the drama and hopes that people see her as the hard working young woman she is. 

There was talk of the possible spin off show, that would show her working, taking care of her daughter and becoming a successful adult. 

It was really nice to see Farrah confront the world about how she wants to be seen. I'm very happy to see her making big plans for her future. If you were lucky enough to catch the interview they showed a lot of great photos of Farrah and Sophia. 

Maci & Catelynn Say Goodbye

As I reported recently the upcoming Season four of Teen Mom (June) will be the last season for the original girls Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, and Amber. 

Maci and Catelynn have taken to twitter recently to say thank you to the fans that have shared this journey with them. 

Farrah is so busy with her many business ventures and modeling that I doubt she will notice the lack of MTV cameras. She is also said to be working with MTV for a spin off show. Which I'm not gonna lie... I will totally watch.

Amber is busy trying to get her life straightened out. She recently told a judge that she wanted to quit Teen Mom but her actions since then have lead people to believe otherwise. I worry for Amber and wish her the best. Hopefully going through her rehabilitation program and getting her court ordered real job will humble her, and bring her back down to Earth so she can be a better mom to Leah. 

Maci is working with her ex Kyle on a clothing line. She continues to do public speaking for teen pregnancy prevention and women empowerment. 

Catelynn and Tyler are working with their adoption agency and have already filmed a commercial with them. Both are in college and have bought a house and are planning their wedding for next year.

Wherever life takes these now young adults... I wish them all luck and happiness! 

Good News for Jenelle & Kailyn

It looks like Jenelle's ex-roomie Hannah has dropped the silly charges she had against Jenelle. Now creeper James Duffy is the only one Jenelle has to worry about. He has taken this whole thing to an unhealthy level. Dear James... you are a grown man. She is a teen/young adult. Stop being creepy and go away. 

On a more pleasant note Jenelle announced today via twitter: "Might be opening my very own tanning/hair studio.. It will be in Wilmington NC :) plans are in the makinggggg" 

This is great news. Along with Kailyn thinking of opening a baby boutique. These girls are taking a hint from Farrah, Catelynn and Maci and investing in things that will carry them after Teen Mom comes to an end. 
Maybe seeing the first series of Teen Mom really end was an eye opener for them. Time to really start thinking about the future and how to maintain their lifestyles when the cameras stop rolling. 
Good job ladies!