Wednesday, March 21, 2012

16 & Pregnant Where are they Now? S3

Jamie McKay

Jamie was diagnosed and treated for post pardon depression She graduated high-school and is now focused on college. She was working but quit so she could go to school full time.
Ryan changed his ways and the couple are back together. Ryan is doing much better. Jamie's mom is not supportive of it though and brought up Ryan cheating on her which it seemed like Jamie didn't want out in the open. Other then that she seems to be doing well.

Taylor Lumas

Taylor and boyfriend Nathan broke up and Nathan started seeing someone new. When he took their daughter Aubri around his new girl Taylor freaked out quite a bit. She still asks that he not bring their daughter around his girlfriend. The two went to mediation and have created a schedule for Nathan's visitation. Every other weekend and every Wednesday. 
Because the two are underage Taylor couldn't file for child support, instead she had to have her grandmother file for some kind of grandparent child support. 
Taylor being the youngest Teen Mom on the show mentioned the fact that when she is 30 her daughter will be 15! Craziness! She also has come to realize that she looks for different qualities in guys now that she has a daughter to think about. 

Kianna Randal

Good Lord this was interesting. This episode was full of BS. While yes boyfriend Zack is in jail for burglary what MTV and Kianna fail to mention is that Kianna AND Zack were both arrested for armed robbery. Zack was charged and sent to jail. She even went as far as to say that Zack "chose the streets over us.." UM WHAT? I'm pretty sure you both chose to be criminals. 
Kianna says that she will stand by her man till she is 30 when he will finally be released from jail. How sweet... She complains about not having money for things and running out of things that she needs for her son... but she had plenty of money for eye shadow that is for sure. 

Jennifer Del Rio

Josh and Jennifer got into another huge fight and the cops were called again. She decided to up and move to Chicago because she didn't trust Josh anymore. She got her GED and started college. There was no mention of her going into hiding for months without telling Josh where she or their twin boys were... She did however find an organization for teen moms that helped her.

Jordan Ward

Jordan and Brian got married, Brian joined the military, they moved to California where they live on base and Jordan had a second child! A baby girl she named Ari.
She talks about how hard it is to have an infant and a toddler and her struggles being away from her twin sister. The couple fear Brian being deployed but they seem to be doing very well

Izabella Tovar

In this episode Izabella talks about how she is still in high-school. Her boyfriend obtained his GED, a job, and sacrificed his beloved car for a more family oriented one. Her mom watches him during the day. Izabella is worried her son will view his grandma as his mom. She has big dreams of going to med school and become a doctor.
Her child's father's goals in life are to make Izabella happy and to make her dreams come true. And that's it. lol

Cleondra Carter

Cleondra and her boyfriend were fighting a  lot and even got arrested for domestic violence.. They moved past it though and are living together and doing well. She is changing her major from nursing to photography.

Kayla Jackson

Kalya graduated high-school. She and Mike broke up and Kayla moved into a new place with her friend  lauren. He ended up needing a place to stay though and moved in with them. They acted like just roommates during this episode but Now they are back together, engaged and plan to get Married this year. Kayla was working 70-80 hours a week to pay the bills. Basically getting around 3 hours of sleep a day. Good news for her is that her eating habits have improved. She said she didn't realize how bad they were until she watched the show. 

Danielle Cunningham

Danielle claims that her mom apparently decided one day out of the blue for no reason that she didn't want to help her anymore... so she moved in with her dad. She dropped out of high-school. Complained about not going to prom.... Her friends talked about prom like its so awesome... I think its pretty overrated. She says Jamie was on drugs and went to jail. During this episode she meets with her mom who she hadn't spoken to in quite a while. Her mom tries to talk to her but she doesn't listen and claims her mom doesn't do anything for her. Her mother mentions 3 times that Danielle left her son with her mom and disappeared. When Danielle would come back apparently she would immediately say: "leave me alone, it doesn't matter, I'm back" Something tells me Danielle is full of crap. After talking to her mom and storming off she talks about how she can't wait to go hang out with her friends. She says she does everything on her own and complains about being a single mom... but all I saw was a very whiny little girl who still wanted to party and be a teen. 

Allie Mendoza

Allie moved back to new jersey after graduation and Joey hasn't seen his son at all. He had the chance while Allie was still living in Texas for finish high-school but didn't want to be around Allie. She is so much happier in New Jersey with her mom. Allie and her mom look more like sisters then mom and daughter. She started seeing a guy named Mike who stepped in and helped Allie with Aiden. This guy really wanted to be the father figure in Aiden's life and that was really sweet... but then they broke up after this episode was filmed. They celebrated her son's first birthday that Joey was not there to see. He had an adorable Cars themed Birthday Cake.

Jenelle Wants New Boobies

Jenelle confirmed to today that the rumors of her taking steps to get breast implants are true! Following in the footsteps of Farrah and Maci Jenelle is looking into getting some new knockers. 

I wonder if MTV will feature this new venture on Teen Mom 2. Maybe season 4? I don't know what kind of message that would be sending to the teens in the world having multiple teen mothers from the show getting breast implants. Maybe that is why Maci's weren't shown on Teen Mom. 

We all know the ladies of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 make money, enough to shop and have breast implants, buy houses, pay for school, etc etc. If they can afford it and really think it will improve their self esteem then I say go for it. Good Luck Jenelle!