Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jenelle's New Pet

Jenelle has a new pet and its a Bearded Dragon! For those who are unfamiliar with them I will tell you they are very cool and honestly don't do much. Take them out of the cage and put them down though and they are fast! Jenelle named her's Yoshi. (which I think is adorable)

Maci Has A New Man

Maci has a new boyfriend named Kyle Regal, only a couple of months after her split with Kyle King who she had been with for around 2 years. She has been tweeting about Kyle R. for a while now. It seems like she started talking to him immediately after her break up. They went to Florida for spring break together and were seen being very snuggle-y. Bentley has been introduced to the new Kyle already, they all went to IN recently to cheer Kyle on in a motor-cross event of some kind.. to tell you the truth I really don't follow that sort of thing. Do you think Maci is moving too fast?