Monday, March 26, 2012

Back Tattoo Trend

It seems like most of the cast of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have tattoos of some kind or another but recently Jenelle and Kailyn have followed in the footsteps of Maci and have gotten large tattoos on their backs. 

Jenelle recently got this Cherry blossoms tattoo across her back. She already had a rose on her shoulder and skull butterfly on her lower back. 


Kailyn just revealed the first session of her new back tattoo. She was quoted by stating: 
“It’s for Isaac. The top says ‘To the world you are one person but to one person you are the world. I.E.R.’ like its written in the sky so we are putting an original picture of paradise around the quote as the world.”

borrowed from Starcasm

So what do you think? Who has the best back tattoos? 

Maci's New Tattoo

Maci has a surprising amount of tattoos. She has kept all her tattoos on her back and in places easy to cover. That is going to change soon though, since Maci got the first part of a full sleeve tattoo. 

I have no problem with tattoos, I think if they have meaning then good for you. I do however think that keeping them in places that are easy to cover is important if you want to have a serious career. Unless you are just so amazing that it doesn't matter at all what you look like.

All of Maci's tattoos have meaning but with the announcement of this new sleeve tattoo I'm wondering if our sweet little Maci is going to end up looking like a fully covered in tats biker chick in a few years. 

Maci recently admitted that her parents hate that she is so tatted up but she understands because she would feel the same way if Bentley followed in her footsteps. That has not stopped her from continuing to  cover her body in ink though! 

Here is Maci's newest tattoo and the start of her sleeve:

Not the greatest photo of the tattoo. I honestly can't figure out what it is supposed to be. I'll have to update when I find out.