Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kail Works It Out!

Kail wants to loose weight and get in shape and she wants to do it now! She recently bought the "Insanity" workout program. One designed to give you 2 years worth of work outs in just 60 days. 
This workout is serious and well... insane! Here is the promotional video:

Kail is a smart girl though, she is doing this program but also eating right and heading to the gym on top of her butt kicking Insanity workout! In just 7 days she has lost 5 lbs and is eager to give advice to others.

Seeing her success is making others want to pay the $119.85 + Shipping & Handling for the 60 day workout program. Myself included actually! Way to go kail for getting in shape the right way and working hard! Good Luck, and I'm sure you will have a great "After" photo to show off when you are done!

Where can you find this workout? Here: Insanity

30 Days after starting the program: