Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Leah and the Girls Support Toni

Toni is a 23 year old from Chesapeake, OH. She was diagnosed with lung & brain cancer in March 2011. Her friends & family started Team Toni to show their love for her. Unfortunately the treatments stopped working, and doctors gave toni the news that she only has 2 months to live. So today Toni was on her way home when friends & family started spreading news about Toni over fb & twitter. As people started noticing, supporters who live in the areas toni is driving through to get home are lining up in the streets to show their love and support. Dawn started spreading the word, which got Leah's attention. So Leah, dawn, & the girls joined the group at Cross Lanes to show that they care too.

Leah & The Girls with Dave and Tia of a local Radio Station
Photo exclusive to the Leah & Jeremy Fan Page 

Toni arriving to many supporters!
Photo exclusive to the Leah and Jeremy Fan Page

Leah tweeted: "I'll be praying for you Toni! Through Christ ALL things ARE possible! It was such an honor to meet you!!"

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Catelynn Takes Out a Turkey

Catelynn had an interesting morning.. on her way to school today she accidentally hit a large turkey with her car. "A big wild one!"

Apparently in MI its not that odd of an occurrence. There is a good chance of running into a turkey now and again. She said on twitter: "I hit it and it flew across my car in to my mirror"

Catelynn is fine... not sure about the turkey but Cate's side mirror has seen better days: