Friday, April 6, 2012

16&Pregnant S4 Ep.3

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Episode 3

Briana is originally from NY but is currently living in Orlando FL with her mom and sister. She was such a great student she was able to graduate high school a year ahead of her class. It's a good thing too because she got pregnant. Her sister actually found out she was pregnant around the same time but her sister decided to get an abortion. Which makes things a little awkward and difficult for everyone when Briana goes through with her pregnancy. Her sister kind of has a bitchy attitude about Briana being pregnant and makes sure to tell Briana while she is out having fun "you will be stuck at home with a baby." While that is true I hate that people make it sound like jail. You don't really understand that feeling of being a mother until you are one. Being stuck at home isn't so bad. I spent hours just staring at my infant son while he slept. I definitely would choose that over going out any day. 

Briana's boyfriend made big promises about stepping up and taking care of her and the baby but ends up not doing anything at all. Devoin finally shows up to talk but is really reluctant to get a job. He doesn't even give excuses about how he can't find one... he just doesn't want to! 

Briana gave birth to a baby girl and named her Novah. She ended up giving the baby her last name instead of Devoin's and left him off the birth certificate. He freaked out even though he went off to play basket ball with his friends right after the birth of his child. 

Luckily Briana's sister steps in to help out with Nova when Briana gets overwhelmed. She has a very supportive family. When Devoin finally shows up again he is on his phone texting instead of paying attention to Nova and having a serious conversation about the future. Unfortunately this guy is a disapointement to Briana and her family through the whole episode and eventually she realizes that she needs to just move on. Briana plans to go to college and continue taking care of her daughter as a single mom. 

Ryan Finally Moves Out

Ryan Edwards has been living with his parents since the first season of Teen Mom when he moved back in after breaking up with Maci and moving out of their apartment. On April 4th he finally signed a lease and moved into a new apartment! He seems really happy about the change and was excited to have Bentley stay with him in the new place. 

A lot of people like to hate on Ryan and claim that his mother is really the one who watches Bentley when it's Ryan's turn to have him. (Even Maci herself has said this.) However since the beginning of Teen Mom I have seen a big improvement in Ryan and his fathering instinct. I have no doubt he will do great on his own taking care of Bentley. I am as proud as a fan can be of Ryan and wish him, Dalis and Bentley all the luck! 

PS: here is a cute little collage Dalis made Ryan for his new place: