Thursday, April 12, 2012

Farrah's "F-Bomb" 21st Birthday Bash

On Farrah's new online store where you can buy Farrah-tastic products (mentioned in the previous post) Farrah writes: 
"The Clothing & Shot Glass line titled " F Bomb" for Farrah's epic upcoming 21st Birthday Bash Happening in June 2012 in Vegas. Please feel free to browse my store and buy anything you like! Love, Farrah & Sophia" 

Could Farrah's 21st Birthday be a huge public event? Could her birthday somehow make her more money? Farrah is always coming up with ways to bring in more income so I wouldn't be surprised to see her 21st birthday as a ticketed event. 

Would you attend?

Farrah's Got T-Shirts and Scholarships

Today Farrah launched the redesign of her website: 
While looking it over I noticed a couple of awesome things. First I want to mention these adorable T-Shirts that are apparently her design:

It's pretty funny that the design is of a pacifier considering 3 year old Sophia is still very attached to hers. Now before your head explodes and you spew your unwanted parenting advice everywhere I'm going to move on to Farrah's scholarship program. 

"Farrah decided this year to start giving scholarships, to teens to further their education, to help their futures .

“Not everyone has the benefit of being amazingly smart, or having a great financial backing, so I feel it’s time to give to those who show progress, hardwork,dedication, even when their families are broken, teen parents, and no one has taken the time to invest in a bright individual”

Eddie Hoang , senior @ Elsie Allen HighSchool, Santa Rosa California"

You can click on the Scholarship Tab of Farrah's site to apply for it. It is very admirable that Farrah has started this and that she works so hard to be great at everything she does. Farrah recently signed with modeling agency Models International, Plans to open a restaurant one day and has her hand in just about everything from a food brand featuring a hot pepper sauce, to a possible jewelry line and fragrance, to her book coming out in June. 

Speaking of her Food Brand she is also selling some merchandise for it  here  including a baby onesie, bib, and apron. 

Leah Says It's Different With Jeremy

Leah and fiance Jeremy Calvert married last week only one year after divorce with ex husband Corey Simms. Jeremy and Leah had not been together for very long but are confident in their relationship. Enough so that the couple has bought a brand new expensive vehicle for Leah, are in the middle of house hunting and already living together. This is all a lot for a couple who has not been together a year yet. 

They did go through a tough time this winter when Leah's birth control reportedly failed and she became pregnant only about 4 months into their relationship. She sadly miscarried but it was during her pregnancy that Jeremy proposed. He has proven that the baby wasn't the only reason and stood by his decision to get married. 

MTV was there to film their small intimate wedding. We will see this on Season 4 of Teen Mom 2. Sorry guys we have quite a while to wait. Season 3 probably wont air till the fall/winter.

Lately there have been some rumors flying around about Leah and Corey still having feelings for each other. An unknown source has been claiming that Leah knows Jeremy is what is best for her girls and that is why she is staying with him, and apparently that she doesn't love Jeremy the way she loved Corey.

Leah recently told Us Weekly:  "We have a really good connection. It's different from Corey and my relationship, because we were kinda like forcing it... With Jeremy, you know when you're supposed to be with somebody and you're not."

Situations like this are hard because if you are anything like me you still want to have that little glimmer of hope that Corey and Leah will somehow magically fix all their problems and get back together. On the other hand Leah does seem genuinely happy with Jeremy and is doing wonderfully for herself now. Corey has been doing well for himself too. So I'm thinking we should listen to what Leah has said and not this random "source." Sources just are never nice people. 

16 & Pregnant S4 Episode 4 Recap

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Episode 4

Lindsey has a lot of big dreams, she wants to be a police detective, professional cage fighter and a model! Things are going to be tough though because now she will have to make room for a new baby in her plans. Her mom originally wanted her to have an abortion but as the pregnancy progresses she starts to come around. Lindsey and her boyfriend had been on and off for a while but are back on a few months into the pregnancy. Cage fighting had to be put on hold since its obviously dangerous for a pregnant woman but she plans on training in the future.
Lindsey considers moving to her boyfriend Forest's house where she can be with him and have more space and make things easier for everyone. 
The financial reality of having a baby hits her when she goes to check out prices for everything she needs. I'm very happy that she took the time to really research and plan for a new baby and how they are going to be able to pay for everything. 
Forest talks about getting a job and his mother surprisingly objects. Lindsey and Forest argue about that but there isn't time to resolve the issue because Lindsey starts feeling contractions soon after. But its 2 months before her due date and the doctors are worried about her giving birth so early. The doctors give her a shot to help the babies lungs develop faster and put her on bed rest. Forest was no where to be found during this whole ordeal.
They go a while without talking but as soon as Forest apologizes for being a no show Lindsey understands and takes him back. Lindsey goes into labor for real soon after that and gives birth after a short labor.
Baby Aniyah is beautiful but a lot of responsibility to deal with. Unfortunately there is no support from Lindsey's friends who abandon her. She moves in with Forest and his family and they are still together today.