Friday, April 13, 2012

Kailyn's Dental Assistant Training

Lately I have seen Kailyn talking a lot about what she wants to do with her future beyond Teen Mom. Which is very smart thinking! She mentioned Joining the Military in a tweet and also mentioned opening a baby boutique!  But now it seems she is more on her original plans of becoming a dental assistant. 

When she mentioned this I remembered back to her 16 & Pregnant episode when she visited a college about becoming one. I hadn't heard much about it since then but its awesome to hear that kail is headed in that direction again. It really is a great career path. 

She tweeted that she is doing a 12 week program this summer for Dental Assistant Training. She also tweets: "Yeah, it gives me something to fall back on when the show ends & I'm still in school. It's only 12 weeks & better than minimum wage jobs. :o)"