Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jenelle & Gary Are Actually Over This Time

The past few weeks have been all about drama with Jenelle and her now ex-boyfriend Gary. Between "pretending" to break up to actually breaking up to getting back together five minutes later... I mean really? Who could keep up? 

I made sure to wait a bit before updating everyone on the situation. Jenelle and Gary are now broken up for reals this time. Now Jenelle is coming forward claiming that Gary was in fact physically abusive to her during their relationship. If you keep up with the twitter drama you will remember Jenelle claiming he hit her in the face one of the times they "broke up." She later denied it and is not saying its true. 

The problem with all this is that its hard to believe anything she says anymore. Who knows what is what? All I can say is that the two have broken up for whatever crazy reasons. 

Gary Says Amber Is A Lesbian Now

I love Gary to death but I'm taking this one with a big grain of salt. He took to twitter a bit ago to announce to the world that Amber is a lesbian now... 

Um... okay. Not that this is anyone's business but Amber's but...
I seriously doubt it. 
And for shame Gary for tweeting negatively about Amber. Not nice. 

Here is what was said:: 

Gary's reasoning for posting this? He is just keepin it real. Oh Gary...


As I suspected Gary's tweets had no meaning at all and were completely false. He tweeted later that he was proving a point that people will believe anything they hear. Well sir you didn't fool me!

Is Gary taking a page out of Jenelle's book? Is the twitter fake out the new trend? ;) 
If anything all this kind of stuff does is cause more rumors and more drama. tsk tsk

Amber's Ready for a Normal Life

Since being under house arrest we haven't heard much about Amber. She is the one and only "Teen Mom" that stays out of the social media so we don't get daily tweets like with the other cast members. Amber's brother Shawn has spoken out recently about Amber and the ending of Teen Mom.
“I am thrilled,” Shawn told “I do not believe that the show should have survived more than a year or two at the most. I am happy that (the stars) actually have to pursue their lives now.”
Amber recently spent almost 2 months in jail and is currently out on probation and participating in an outpatient rehab program and is also fitted with an ankle bracelet to monitor her activity and whereabouts.
“She has been so busy doing other things... Amber has been getting up every day at 6 a.m. to go to the courthouse and submit drug screens and everything else. Amber physically has no time to worry about MTV.”
Shawn is happy to see the cast move on and get real, normal people jobs and deal with reality instead of reality TV.  “I am sure they will try to milk the television scene as much as possible,” Shawn said. 
“(Amber) is ready for a 9-to-5 (job) and hopefully she can get a little extra money on the side doing other things. It is time to get Amber out of the spotlight, which is what she has been trying to do since she has been out (of jail).”
It's good to hear that Amber is getting better and heading in the right direction, toward a normal life outside of reality fame.