Monday, April 16, 2012

Is Jenelle Hanging with Kieffer Again?

I don't even really care if I spelled his name right so if I didn't don't bother correcting me. Apparently today Jenelle was doing one of her many sessions to talk to fans when she turned her computer too far to one side and fans got a glimpse of Kieffer running out of the room. Jenelle ended the session very quickly and all of a sudden. 

Sadly there are no screen shots of this because it was so fast but there are so many eye witnesses that its kind of hard to not believe it. Jenelle had well over 500 viewers of her stickam session and a bunch of them started commenting about how they saw him. They also said that they could hear him talking in the background and Jenelle denied it was him. 

Jenelle has said not too long ago that she was still friends with Kieffer... but he was in jail for quite a time and since Jenelle was seeing Gary she never seemed to be too interested in talking to Kieffer. 

If she was in fact hanging out with him... I'm pretty sure that is a violation of her probation so she better be careful!

(Gary's ex boyfriend Gary confirms via twitter that Jenelle is hanging out with him. I'm not sure how much I believe anything he says but you never know)

Correction there is a screen shot. This person must have been watching with their finger over the Print Screen button to have gotten this. Unfortunately it is really hard to make out and "Kieffer" looks like a blob. Make of it what you will :!/Jenna_Dobie/status/192028864438992897/photo/1 

Gary posted this photo on twitter. In it you can clearly see Jenelle's poster in the background that she has hanging in her room. Creepy.. I know.

Thank you <3 
Read more about what went down between Jenelle, Gary, and kieffer here: I can't write any more on this topic! 

Rumor Alert!

Time to clear up some...

Did Leah and Jeremy get married? 
Yes. Wednesday April 4th the couple tied the knot in a small ceremony which was filmed by MTV. We should see their wedding on Season 4 of Teen Mom 2. 

Is Leah pregnant?
No. Leah was pregnant by Jeremy but sadly lost the baby in January.

Is Dalis pregnant?
No. Dalis has repeatedly said that she is not pregnant. She thinks the rumor may have been started as an April fools joke. 

Is Amber a lesbian?
No. Gary tweeted that she was as a joke or to prove some sort of point. He later explained that she is not a lesbian.

When will Teen Mom Season 4 air? 
June 19th 2012 at 10pm on MTV.

Does Ebony and Josh have their daughter back?
Sources close to the family say that they do in fact have their daughter back and Ebony is pregnant with a second child. They feel that they are fully prepared to have another child.

Did Ryan file for joint custody of Bentley?
No. Well... not yet anyway.

Is little Ali walking on her own?
Not yet, she is walking with the help of someone keeping her balanced so everyone has high hopes of her walking solo very soon. 

Is Amber going into porn now that Teen Mom is over?
No. Amber is on a strict rehabilitation program and can't go anywhere without approval. She is court ordered to get a normal 9-5 job. I doubt filming porn would be approved. She wasn't even allowed to film for Teen Mom anymore. 

Is there going to be a Teen Mom 3? 
Yes. MTV announced that the Teen Mom 3 cast will be chosen from the new 16 & Pregnant Season 4 Cast.

Alright, I think that is enough for today! If you have any other rumors you want cleared up feel free to leave a comment. :)