Saturday, April 21, 2012

16 & Pregnant S4 Episode 5 Recap

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Episode 5

Alex lives with her mom , brother and sister in Pennsylvania. she is going to be a senior in high school and is working two jobs, one at a fast food restaurant and one at a dance center which is her passion in life. She's been dating her boyfriend Matt for 2 years. When Alex became pregnant she claims she was on the birth control pill and the couple used condoms
 Alex's mom is not supportive of her pregnancy and tells her that there will be no babies in their house. Which means she either needs to choose adoption or find a new place to live. 
 Boyfriend Matt is pretty much useless so there is no way he would provide for his family. Alex tries repeatedly to talk to him about what they should do but he is MIA for most of the episode. The only thing that Matt says that makes any sense is that he thinks adoption is best because they are themselves still kids. (Basically that he would rather continue partying and getting high then stepping up and being a man.) 
Alex talks with several of her friends about her options and her friend Brianna brings up that her mother is not able to have children and has been wanting to adopt a baby for a long time. Alex is close to her family so she would be able to see the baby often. After talking with Brianna's family and learning that she could move into the neighbors house next door and pay her rent. Alex decided to move into this woman's house and give parenting a try. She pretty much has no plans of how she is going to work it all out but the baby is on the way and she goes into labor soon after.
She stays home for a few hours of her labor waiting for Matt to show up to go with her to the hospital. Of course he is no where to be found so Alex takes her pregnant/in labor self to the streets to hunt him down. She finally finds him and they head to the hospital right away. 
After Arabella was born and the 2 days in the hospital, Alex decided to keep her baby. She unfortunately can't afford to take care of an infant with no preparation, go to school and work all at the same time.  Her mom agrees to have her come home and throws her a baby shower/welcome party. Sadly Alex didn't pay her landlord for that month and all her belongings ended up on the curb. Luckily her grandpa gave her a car so that she could get around. She switches to online schooling and gets sad because she has to be home with the baby while driving matt to school since he missed the bus.. she notices he smells of smoke which I'm sure isn't uncommon with him. She tells Matt that acting like this is going to make it harder for her to trust him. and later in the episode he flakes out on babysitting his daughter so Alex can go to work and tells her he had stuff to do. Alex has had enough and finally tells matt to f*ck off. She tells him he will never see his daughter and he is a dead beat dad. Since Matt walked out and left alex alone her family begins to step up and help out a lot more and Alex still plans to open her dance studio in the future.

Farrah Interviewed by Dr. Drew VIDEO

Farrah recently appeared on Dr. Drew's show on HLN where they took calls from fans and answered questions. 

They talk about how Farrah is involved with the March of Dimes, she will be walking with Sophia and raising money. They also talk about beautiful little Sophia and how she is 3 years old now and very talkative!

They take in calls and answer questions. One caller asks Farrah if she is being selfish when paying for her plastic surgery and modeling and taking away from Sophia. Farrah reveals that Sophia's college is already paid for and her surgery has helped her self confidence and made her more successful. I think its pretty obvious that Sophia is not going without!

Farrah says her biggest struggle as a teen parent is trying to move with a toddler and working around their schedules. She also says her relationship with her mom is still up and down.

Farrah has a lot of new things in the works including her family food brand and possibly her show on Food Network.