Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What is Farrah Filming?

Farrah tweeted  "busy filming today!" 

Normally this would indicate filming for Teen Mom but now that Teen Mom is coming to a close I can't assume anymore. Teen Mom Season 4 has been done filming for a while now. But a little birdie told me that the Teen Mom 1 cast has to film a little segment for ending the series so it is possible that its for Teen Mom. She has also been talking about a couple of other shows in the works so maybe its for a new reality show.. Well I don't know yet but let me tell you once I get a good confirmation my faithful Teen Mom fan followers will be the first to know!

There is so much on this young woman's plate that I can hardly keep up! Whatever she is filming I know I am excited to see it. ;) 

Jenelle is Off Probation!

Jenelle had yet another day in court today but it was a good one this time! She went in hoping to be released from probation and her wish was granted. Jenelle's lawyer spoke with a fellow Teen Mom Blogger (http://www.teenmomnews.com) and said:
“Jenelle has in fact been released from probation today after successfully completing all of the requirements the Judge had previously ordered. It is obviously a very exciting day for Jenelle since there has been some sort of condition placed on her since October 2010. I am very happy with Jenelle and the progress she has made over the course of the last 18 months. She has proven to take her responsibilities serious and I believe this will forever be a turning point in Jenelle’s life.,”

Hopefully now Jenelle can try to live a normal life. There was a rumor going around that Jenelle planned on smoking a blunt after getting off probation... hopefully there is no truth to it and I hope she continues on the right path. She is still attending school and planning to regain her son's custody.