Thursday, April 26, 2012

Throwback Thursday Maci as a Baby!

Earlier Maci tweeted this photo of herself as a little one! 

Here is Bentley:

Jenelle & Kieffer Back Together

There are some mysterious photos that surfaced on facebook today of Jenelle and kieffer and the rumors are flying of them being back together. Some people are arguing that the photos are old.... and I thought so too at first but if you look closely you can see her new key tattoo on her forearm near Kieffer's face.

Jenelle is now off probation so technically she can date, hang out, and whatever else with Kieffer legally. Could it be that the two were waiting for her to get off probation so they could be together?

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There are a few tweet exchanges that just might confirm that theory. (But honestly you never know with Jenelle and twitter... could always be another "prank" of hers!) Take a look at the tweets, you be the judge.

I'm sure that fans will be outraged by this considering Kieffer was the cause of a lot of drama and legal problems for Jenelle. Being with him could also potentially effect her chances of getting custody of her son back. Hopefully it doesn't effect her efforts to do so either.