Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jenelle Invests in Boobs

As I reported a while ago, Jenelle has been planning on getting a breast augmentation. That makes 3 Teen Mom stars who have gone under the knife to enhance their busts. Farrah was very open about her surgery and allowed the whole experience to be filmed by MTV for Teen Mom. Maci however stayed tight lipped about her plastic surgery. 

Well today is the day for Jenelle, she had her surgery. Everything went well and I can't wait to see some before and after photos. It will be a while for that though! Jenelle has said that she wanted to go up to a C cup. Not too big, which is a good choice. 

A lot of fans have gone crazy complaining that Jenelle should be spending that money on her son. I would like to address this.

Jenelle has made sure that Jace is well taken care of. Not only does she pay her child support every month but she also has a college and trust fund set up for Jace. I can tell that she spends money on Jace, she takes him to do fun things, buys things for him and cares for him very much.

Trust me, none of these kids are going without. If the ladies have extra money to spend then they can spend it however they like. Jenelle is going to school and doing well so I have high hopes for her future when the fame is gone. She is doing everything she is supposed to be and can do for Jace at the moment. She can't change the past but she is making an effort to better the future. 

Celebrity Sex Ed. by Farrah

Farrah tweeted this video today in which she is giving a crash course in sexual education. I think this is very admirable of her and it makes me happy that she is doing something that could actual help and teach young girls. This is way better then sitting in front of a group of college students talking about how it was so hard to have a baby at 16. I think this will actually help people. 

That being said... is this Farrah in a vagina suit? 

As much as it is hard to take her seriously after seeing this photo... the video is actually really great and very informative. Check it out here: