Thursday, May 3, 2012

2 Teen Mom 3 Cast Members Revealed!

It looks like we will see the lives of Mackenzie and Alexandria featured on Teen Mom 3. Sources close to the cast members confirmed that the two have been filming for the show. An MTV source also confirmed this to

Mackenzie was the 16 & Pregnant Season 4 opener with the Rodeo boyfriend. She quickly became a fan favorite so to me it was quite obvious that she would be on the show. She was even spotted at Prom with an MTV camera crew in tow.

Alexandria had the special 90 minute episode of 16 & Pregnant this season. She was being pushed to place her child for adoption through the episode and at the last moment decided to keep her baby. Her drug addict boyfriend was and still is of no use to her.

Teem Mom 3 looks to be just as dramatic as the first 2. Are you happy to see Mackenzie and Alexandria on Teen Mom 3? Who else would you like to see?


According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup ANOTHER Teen Mom 3 cast member was spotted filming in her home town the last few months: Katie Yeager. Katie is another fan favorite that seems to be one of the more down to earth and responsible girls of 16 and Pregnant.