Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jenelle and Her New Large Boobs

Jenelle is out with Gary Head today getting her car washed and yes I mean her actual car! The two are looking very close and have been snapping cute pictures of themselves. 
Jenelle is in a hurry to show off her new chest wearing a tank top today only a day after surgery. She was said to have gone up to a full C cup, these look rather large for a C but that could be due to swelling that still hasn't gone down yet. 

Before and After shot!

Maci's Fun in Vegas (Photos)

Maci is in Las Vegas partying it up with a bunch of motor-cross girlfriends this weekend. Shes in town for another super-cross, motor-cross, something-cross race of some kind. I'm assuming for her boyfriend Kyle Regal. She is also there to visit with her many girlfriends.

Chattanooga State College is having their Commencement Ceremony today. Maci had planned to be finished school by now but unfortunately it hasn't work out that way.  

Where is Bentley?? He is having a nice, week long family vacation at the beach with his dad. :)

Jenelle - Kieffer + Gary

It looks like the reuniting of Jenelle and Kieffer was short lived. He was there when Jenelle went into surgery and helped her afterward... I guess while recovering the first day home they managed to get into a fight. I can't even imagine laying in bed in pain and arguing with someone. She said on fb and twitter that the pain from her breast augmentation was worse then coming home from the hospital after birth. 

Once Kieffer was out of the picture, Gary Head swooped in to take care of Jenelle in her time of need. (The guy that just recently broke up with her.) I'm not going to even try to make sense of this situation. The gist of it is that Kieffer is out and Gary is back in.

I honestly don't know which guy is worse for her. Kieffer pushed Jenelle in Teen Mom 2 but Gary allegedly punched Jenelle. (Both are not acceptable) Gary cheated on Jenelle with 2 girls technically. To my knowledge Kieffer didn't. It sounded like Kieffer finally got his act together... So now I'm all confused! 

What do you think? Are either of these guys worth the trouble??


Jenelle posted to her facebook fan page: "Yes me and him (Gary)  r dating now we just made it official ;)"