Tuesday, May 8, 2012

16 & Pregnant Episode 8 Recap

16 & Pregnant Season 4 Episode 8

Hope was a highschool graduate before giving birth which is a great thing considering most teen moms are not so lucky. She ended up getting pregnant by someone she was not dating. Her child's father at first didn't want anything to do with the baby but changed his mind and asks Hope to move into an apartment with him so they can be a family. Her parents didn't meet Ben before Hope got pregnant and didn't until later in her pregnancy. 

Hope is a working girl and gave up her dreams of going to a party college. She planned on having a wild college life which her friends are having while she is working her booty off. Unfortunately the swelling of her feet and ankles becomes too much for her and she has to quit her job. I give her props though, she was working 9 hour shifts on those pregnant feet. 

Hope and Ben's relationship is an interesting one. They were just hooking up and then he bailed when she got pregnant, then changed his mind and they started their relationship. When he finally meets the parents he is very polite and says all the right things. So he won them over which is pretty amazing because I'm pretty sure any parent would instantly hate the guy who knocked up their daughter!

Hope moves in and things seem to be going well. She goes to the doctor to see if she could be induced since she was so uncomfortable. They find out that she is 2 cm dilated and that inducing would be fine. She goes through 10 hours of labor and the doctor tells her she should probably just have a c-section.

After their little boy is born they take him back to their home and Ben is surprisingly hands on and interested in his little one! Hope ends up having to take over the nighttime feedings though when Ben goes back to working nights. She gets pretty stir crazy being home alone all the time. So she decides to go out and get a part time job. She still misses her friends and wishes she was with them at college. 

Hope goes to visit her friend at college and you can see the jealousy and sadness in her face as she listened to her friends making plans to go out to parties. 

I have high hopes for Hope and Ben. They seem to have it together and I wish them luck! 

Leah & Maci Want to Quit Smoking

A lot of fans are unaware that a number of our Teen Mom ladies smoke cigarettes. Leah and Maci have tweeted recently about trying to quit smoking.  It is such a hard thing to do, but when you have kids its important to set a good example. 

Leah revealed via twitter that while pregnant she did not smoke. The smell made her sick. She unfortunately picked the habit back up after they were born. I'm sad to say that I am guilty of the same thing. 

What other Teen Mom Cast members smoke? Jenelle and Catelynn are also nicotine addicts. I'm not 100% on the entire cast, I know a good number of the guys smoke as well. Tyler and Corey for instance. I'm going to guess that more then just those two. Most of them are good about not being spotted on camera smoking. 

Did you know that 90% of smokers started smoking in their teens? 
It might be cool for a minute but it is one habit that can stick with you for life if you don't get a handle on it. 
Not worth it! 

I couldn't find a photo of Maci smoking! sneaky girl!

Thanks to a random fan pointing it out...one of Maci

Jenelle Nude Photo Scandal

Of course I would never post nude photos of Jenelle. Only the most evil sites would. I at first wasn't going to write about this at all because its so horrible but I know there will be questions about it.

When Jenelle went in for her breast augmentation she was dating Kieffer. She had someone (I assume Kieffer) take nude photos of her before and after the surgery. I'm sure other people do this as well just to see the difference when its all said and done. Sadly Jenelle couldn't trust the person that she was with at the time. Jenelle was completely naked for photos. 

Well now that kieffer and Jenelle are no longer dating... Kieffer used it as an opportunity to sell Jenelle out, leaking the photos to a website. 

And to think... I was this close to giving Kieffer another chance. I'm sure Jenelle is thinking the same. She is devastated that her photos are all over the internet. 

Words hurt. So please, please, please, don't torture her with horrid words. 
Should she have known better? I think so, but she trusted someone she had feelings for and he betrayed her, there is nothing we can do about it now. There is no need to rub it in her face. 

click photo to enlarge
Jenelle says that when kieffer took the after photos of her, she didn't realize what he was doing at first and immediately after he said he deleted the photos. It was a playful moment and she didn't think anything of it. :/
Apparently Jenelle wont take any legal action against Kieffer because he has "more blackmail" on her so she can't say anything. Somehow I have a feeling it will all come out eventually.