Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where Is Katie Yeager Now?

Katie was on her fan page last night answering fan questions. 
The first one was: "...are you all living in that house you moved into on the show? Are you and the babies father doing good?" Katie replied:
"No we moved to a bigger place and yes we are fantastic. He works nights at the coal mine and helps me with everything while I go to school. He is amazing, I am blessed to have him."

When asked about her possibly being on Teen Mom 3 she says: "I can't say I'm sorry :) you'll have to wait and see." Which to me is a pretty good sign that we are right in assuming that the camera crew following her around her town is MTV! 

How is Katie doing with school?
"I am just finishing up my last 2 days of my first year of school. I passed this year with a 3.5 GPA so I'm doing awesome. I love college. I stay in school because I am motivated to do so. You just have to know that you can do it."

She talked a little bit about her experience of being on 16 & Pregnant. She says it was weird to watch herself and that the show has not really made her life harder. She has grown a thick skin and is staying true to herself. She mentions someone yelling "whore" at her in her town. She chooses to ignore the negativity. She says that people in her town are either overly nice or completely disrespectful.

On a lighter note, Katie lets us know that Molli is about 9 months old now! She also mentions that she plans on marrying Joey in the future. All in all Kaite is doing really well and I am excited to see more from her.