Friday, May 11, 2012

Kail and Javi Make a Promise

Kailyn has been dating her boyfriend Javi for quite some time now. We wont really get to know Javi until Teen Mom 2 starts back up again but from what I have seen he is an excellent guy. He is great with Isaac and the couple are sickeningly cute together. 

Today Kailyn tweeted "a ring that will never come off my finger. #promise"

I would love to say that they are engaged but at this moment it looks to just be a lovely promise ring. What is important here is that Kail and Javi have promised to be together forever and it is quite obvious the two are very much in love.

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Amber Back in Jail After Having Surgery

Amber was arrested Thursday and accused of not fulfilling her court ordered rehab program's requirements. According to The Herald Bulletin Amber was not following the rules of her rehab while recovering from surgery. Looks like she will be spending Mother's Day and her Birthday in Jail.

Amber missed one of her rehab meetings claiming the doctor and the rehab told her to take it easy.

A source close to Amber tells that she had her Gallbladder removed.

Amber was not completely kicked out of her program but she will have to stay in jail until next week while the court reviews her case. Her lawyer also said "It's not uncommon to give a sanction in jail to get them back on track." Referring to drug court participants.

Amber's surgery took place around a month ago. She missed a recent Rehab meeting claiming to still be on bed rest. Upon further investigation by the rehab facility Amber was well enough to attend her meeting.

I'm worried for Amber, this is the second time there has been a disturbance in her rehabilitation in just a few months. She still has a long way to go.

Amber's brother Shawn insists that Amber was given permission to take it easy for a few weeks and that she did not have to attend meetings during that time. He also said she was not able to take any pain medication for her surgery either. He says that she should not be in jail right now.

Carly Has a Baby Brother!

Catelynn and Tyler were speaking in Wayne New Jersey tonight with their adoption agency. They have been working with the adoption agency for a while now and have been traveling for speaking engagements. 

A fan who attended the event tonight tells, Cate and Tyler mentioned that Brandan and Teresa recently adopted a baby boy, and Catelynn was in the room for the delivery! How special is it that she was able to support another woman placing her child for adoption to the same family that she placed her child?! 

Catelynn and Tyler are so inspirational and such wonderful people. God is going to bless them with a beautiful family one day. Congratulations Brandon and Teresa! (and Carly!)