Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ryan and Dalis Split up

Dalis is not having a very good couple of days. For those who don't know, Dalis is Ryan Edward's now ex girlfriend. Last night she got into a bad car accident which resulted in her car being totaled. From what I gather she was not seriously injured so thank God for that.

They started dating around summer time last year. They have been one of my favorite couples but sadly Dalis and Ryan confirmed via twitter today that the rumors are true and the couple is no more.

Dalis and Ryan both seem to be in good spirits considering their serious relationship has ended. Dalis says that she was very happy with him and planned to marry him one day. From what I understand the two have been drifting apart. They were happy together but are two very busy people with a lot going on in their lives.  They also have conflicting schedules. Considering they both seem completely fine I'm going to assume the break up was a mutual decision. Sad but glad that they are both happy and healthy. 

I was going to wait to write anything but it seems that Dalis doesn't really want to divulge any personal details at the moment. So when she is ready I will update. :) Check out the tweets by Dalis, Ryan and ... Jordan Howard? 
 (Click the tweets to enlarge)

Jordan Howard from this season of 16 & Pregnant put her 2 cents into the situation: 

(Well that came out of left field...)